Month overdue.

Marianna came up for her birthday last month. We had a blast.

And I finally got some images on my compy. In particular, what was amazing were the Harbour Islands. They are in the middle of the, well, the harbor of course...but you can only get to them by boat. Or if you can swim seven miles in the polluted waters dumping out from the Charles.

Without any more ado. Here are some pictures.

Oh, and I convinced Marianna to cut my hair. Into a mohawk. What a good sport. She, and my bosses who don't mind if I have a krazy kut.


Weekend 1, day 2...

So today we did...well...not a whole lot. We went to church and then came back to Micah's (see goldy-yellow house below) for a quick sandwich before heading out for a walk to Target. Yes, that's right, good olde Target. I love Target.

After that, Micah washed his car while I went to check out the apartment I have agreed to sublease, sight unseen (well, with the exception of a few photos) for August. It's near Inman Square, and it's pretty cheap which is key since I have no job at the moment.

Once Micah had finished with his car, we went on a walk around the neighborhood, the destination being Prospect Hill. It has a great view of the city and there's this crazy little turret monumenty thing atop it. Not really sure what it commemorates, but it's interesting (oh, Micah has just informed me it is the first place an American flag was flown - allegedly - there is some dispute).

Then it was off to the grocery store after which we had every intention of cooking dinner, but, alas, one of Micah's many friends called and invited us to dinner in the city. So, after pondering it over for oh, about 2 minutes, we decided to accept the invitation. We met Kay and Kelly at Bukowski's for beers and hot dogs and hamburgers and fries and fun times. And then, we set off to catch the bus back to Somerville, but started walking, and then missed a bus while on the bridge crossing the Charles River. So we ended up walking 3 miles home.

That's all for now

Pictures From Today



We went to Chicago in March, and stayed with my good buddy Kyle Delaney. Great guy. I met him in New Zealand. He is from Indiana. And we've been good friends since. But, there was no blog then. Nor a Flickr account. But now there are both.

So go look at some old Chicago pictures. They are fun.


I don't know why we are looking to the left.


New Post. From New Hampshire.

Which is a lie.

We are not in New Hampshire. Well, not now. We were earlier today. After I had an awesome mouth surgery thing that made my gums bleed and eyeballs bulge. It was aweful. And Marianna read Harry Potter and just listened to them as they ripped my soul through the sockets of my teeth. She's very patient.

So then we got in the car and drove to Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Another lie. We actually first went to the Kittery, Maine outlet malls. They were hot. We bought fuel for an upcoming camping trip. And a headlamp. And some plastic utensils. From the Kittery Trading Post. It's like Disney World. For Outlet Mall Shoppers who like trees.

So, got into Portsmouth at like 4:30 and walked around.

It smelled like fish. Like 'salty sea air' says Marianna. Walked around, had some coffee (since the Novocane had worn off and I was grumpy and ready for caffeine), saw some stuff. Stuff like in these pictures.

That's it. Then we had dinner at the Blue Mermaid. Which is Rachael Ray's recommend if you are in town. And none of those peeps there are going to let you forget it. Pics of her plastered all over the entrance. It was good though. I had Sea Bass. Marianna had banana chicken. Weird / good.

When we got back to Boston, I realized I needed some chairs for my porch. So I bought a 37" LCD television. Which I can't sit on. Impulse purchase. But I sold my other one when I left Durham.

Come over and watch a Red Sox game.

Check out more goodness here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/msaneindustries/sets/72157601069039224/


Greetings from Blogston

Okay. Hum.

So Marianna and I (I being Micah) are going to start a Boston blog. I know. It's kinda weird. Like a Christmas card, but a lot more intense. Well, deal with it. Everyday is Christmas in New England. Seriously. It's snowing right now.

And this is the first post (there is going to be one following right after).


Micah + Marianna = Awesome