The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.


First game of the college football season. And since it’s the two teams I hate most in the world (LSU, Mississippi State), I will watch and hope a hole opens and swallows them both.

P.S. I’m not leaving my couch for thirteen weeks.


It's All About ME

This weekend we had an awesome time thanks to Kay Bradley and her fantastic parents. Kay B is from Freeport, ME, and she invited a bunch of friends up for the weekend.

Micah, Dave Kuhl and I packed up the Golf and headed north on Friday after the guys got off work. We drove through New Hampshire up to Maine. In the process, we paid approximately $1.80 in extra tolls due to a couple wrong turns. Wrong turn #1 was when we exited for food, only to realize that the food was not right off the exit ramp like the signs lead you to believe, but much further away. So, 60 cents later, we're back on 95N. And then, I, serving as navigator, lost track of what exit we were at as we started to go through Portland. At exit #47, I realized we had indeed already passed exit #44. So, 60 cents later we were turned around going back. And then, the exit numbers went from exit #46 straight down to #42...so, there was another 60 cent turnaround before we were finally headed the right way. We got to the house, which is awesome by the way, around 10 or so and had a beer, chatted with Kay B, her parents (Ed and Jane), Caitlin, and Allison. Then we turned in to rest up for a fun-filled weekend.

We woke up early so we could go get some breakfast at a local place. We took the boat over to South Harpswell and ate at the Dolphin. They keep their boat moored at one of their neighbor's places. Their neighbors run an oyster farm which is pretty cool. So anyway, to get to the boat, you have to row out there in a little dingy. At high tide you can drive it up to the dock, but at low tide, you can't because it's too shallow. Off into the hazy morning in search of breakfast. On the way we passed an island that had a bunch of seals around it. So cute. But all anyone could reference were mean seals in Happy Feet and other movies.

The Dolphin was really cute, and it had amazing french toast. Yum! We talked and tried to teach Kay's parents more about the advertising biz. I think it's definitely one of those professions that's hard to understand unless you have experience working in it. I know I have a hard time explaining exactly what everyone does and how their positions work together. On the boat ride back, we stopped at an island that has Robert Peary's house on it. It's a pretty cool place, all alone on an island off the Maine coast that he bought for $500. After that, we headed home, and saw some bald eagles along the way. There was a giant (we're talking huge) nest in a tree. And you could just make out the male AND female parents perched in trees nearby. It was really cool (see if you can see him below - it's like Where's Waldo).

We got back just in time for our other friends to arrive - Chris, Kay Miller, and Kelly. We changed into shorts since it was getting hot and played games in the huge backyard. We set up a croquet match. None of us were very good, except Ed. And maybe Chris. Kuhl (pronounced 'cool' for those of you who don't know) supplied us with bags (aka Baggo, aka Corn Hole) which, if you have never played, is an awesomely competitive backyard game. You stand at either side and throw bean bags at boards and try to get the bag in the hole. Not as easy as it sounds. I promise.

After some backyard fun, we ordered some sandwiches and headed to the beach. We took the boat over to an island where we ate lunch and sat in the sun and swam in the freezing cold water. Seriously, I didn't think it was possible to have goosebumps while in the water. It was just a little too cold to be considered refreshing. After the swim, we took a exploratory tour of the island led by Micah. Who though traipsing around an island in flip flops, with beers in hand, in towels was a good idea? I guess we all did for some reason. Anyway, everyone made it and we ended up coming out on the other side of the island on Private Property. Oh well.

After that, we got back on the boat and headed to Freeport to pick up some dinner. That's right folks, you guessed it, lobster. We bought live lobsters (cheap!) to take home and cook. Then we headed home for showers and dinner.

Ed showed us a lobster game where you have to lull the lobster into submission and then put him in a yoga-like pose. Whoever's lobster lasts the longest wins. Kuhl won. Then, they went in the pot...dum dum dummmmmm. Ed also cooked yummy corn on the grill and Jane made a great salad. Dinner was really good. And then, for dessert, we had a variety of ice creams.

After dinner, we sat around and had a few (or more) beers. We sat on the deck, we played flip cup (my team won - yay), some went swimming, we tried to play Trivial Pursuit (but, as usual, the questions were super hard).

The next day Ed made great blueberry pancakes. And we had fresh melon. So good. Chris, Kelly, Caitlin, and Allison left first. Micah, Kuhl, the Kays and I stuck around. We shot skeet which was kinda fun. Definitely something to mark off my 'things to do before i die' list, but maybe not something I'll do again. I don't really like shooting guns. Never really liked rifelry at camp. Micah was the only one who hit a clay disc. Good work!

After that we packed up and headed into town to hit the outlets. We went to the Patagonia outlet, the LL Bean store, and some others. I ended up getting a bunch of stuff I wasn't planning on, but it'll be useful (like a hiking backpack and sleeping bag). Then we got on the road. By that time, it was getting on toward 5:00, so we went into Portland for dinner. We ate at Gilbert's Chowder House out on the deck. It was good. Filling...

So back on the road home...we stopped at McDonalds for Kuhl. He loooooves the dollar menu McChicken sandwiches and apparently they aren't carrying them in Boston anymore. So he ordered 4. And I think he ate all of them. On the ride home.

All-in-all it was a great weekend. We've been invited back and I am sure we'll go. Good scenery, good friends, good fun, good weekend.

Whew! Long one. More photos on Flickr.

15mb of fame.

Check out the video here.


And a runner-up.


I live super close to two of the finest universities in the US. 1.2 miles from Harvard. 1.3 miles from MIT. I can almost feel the intellect oozing from every 1900s house nearby. Tonight, I went with Marianna, and Randy + his wife, Erin (I met Randy at church one of my first weekends here), to play trivia at the Druid. Probably the closest watering hole to me. And it was filled with people who probably cure cancer and invent words and do math all day long.

And after four rounds of trivia, Marianna and Erin had us tied for first place. The clutch answers included Narnia (Where is it always winter but never Christmas?), Lyndon Johnson (Whose maternal great grandfather, George Washington Banes, was the president of Baylor?) and Honduras (name the geographical center of the Americas that has only 100 miles of coastline). We had to go to a tiebreaker. The question: how many gallons are in a keg? We answered 10. They answered 18. The answer?


So we came in second. Yes. You heard it. We are the second smartest group of people in Massachusetts.

Nay. The world.

I'm a winner.

I'm not going to tell you whose team literally dominated the first annual Arnold Dodge Ball tourney.

I'm not going to say anything about having to find a space in my cramped office or apartment for my first place trophy. Nor am I going to mention the cherry that I've got on my knee now from heroically saving a teammate.

I'm just going to day goodnight. And pray that I'm not too sore in the morning.



Meatloaf. Meet Liz.

Hi world. It's Micah. And currently my eyes are heavy (I'm sleepy) and my breath smells great (mouthwash) and I am scared that there are serial killers running around San Francisco (just watched Zodiac) and the Red Sox dropped another game this afternoon (Boooo Angels). Wha wahhhhh.

Last Thursday we went to dinner at Sibling Rivalry for restaurant week. Pretty awesome concept. It's two brothers who are both chefs. And you order from whatever side of the menu you want. And then, in the back, I can only assume they point at the other one, laugh. And then punch them in the gut.

I was off Friday. It was my Summer Friday. And I only get one more, and then I have to count down the days until Memorial Day. And by then it will be cooler cause Marianna will have them too. I went to Ikea. Bought some new stuff for the place. New pics of the hottest place in Cambridge/Somerville will be coming soon. And by soon, I mean when I get it all tricked out in a month.

Saturday I cleaned. And then we made some dinner (meatloaf).

We promised ourselves we would do it three to four times a month. Hold us to it. Three meals a month. It can't be that hard. My Mom used to do like 5 a week. And since she is super amazing, I have to believe that I've got some of her skills.

This morning we hit up Hope Fellowship Church in Cambridge. It's my third time there. Marianna's first. I like it. I don't know what she thinks. Then we had meatloaf. And then we went to Middlesex Fells Reservation. It's a fairly rad urban wilderness area. Something like 3000 acres only four miles from my house. I think we probably hiked 2.9 miles.

And tonight we hooked up with an old friend of mine for some dinner in Harvard Square.

I met Liz while I was in New Zealand. We've had some great advevtures in far-off places such as Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. Now let's chuck Bawston on the ole map there.

Okay. That is it for this post. Tune in next week. Or day.



Big News

So, I finally got around to looking up information on the glass bottle I found while camping. It has 'Pureoxia' and 'Boston' on the side of it.

After a quick internet search I found out that Pureoxia is not actually a crazy chemical, like we thought it might be, but actually a brand of ginger ale. According to the info I found, it was bottled in Jamaica Plain. The dates are slightly off, the article saying 1928 and my bottle saying 1924. Anyway, just something interesting.

Oh, and I got a job offer. Yay!!!


Early A.M. Candy.

Every morning I ride in to work. It's about three miles, and I go down Hampshire, cut across Windsor to Mass Ave, over the river, and up to the Pru.

And every day, I get a sweet – usually overwhelmingly so – whiff right before I get onto Mass. There is a CANDY FACTORY there. So I did a little digging, and what did I find?

I found that I live 1.5 miles from the (surprisingly nondescript) Junior Mint factory. Amazing.

From Wikipedia:

"Area 4 (a Cambridge neighborhood) was the early hub of the candy industry in the United States, beginning with the first candy factory in Cambridge, started by Robert Douglass in 1826 on Windsor Street. Notable Area 4 candy factories included Cambridge Brands, makers of Junior Mints, still in operation on Main Street; the Squirrel Brands company, makers of Squirrel nut caramel (the inspiration for the band name Squirrel Nut Zippers); and the New England Confectionery Company (NECCO), whose factory located across Massachusetts Ave from today's Area 4 was the largest candy factory in the world."


Bumpkin Schmumpkin

Yes, as Micah previewed for you, we went camping on Bumpkin Island this weekend. It's part of the Harbor Islands in Boston Harbor. It was quite the adventure getting there. We walked toward the bus stop loaded down with all of our stuff, including 2.5 gallons of drinking water since the island has none, just as the bus passed. So then, because we absolutely had to make a certain ferry, we tried to hail a cab and couldn't find one, so we called for a cab to be sent to us, which never came, so we finally hailed one down. And with -2 minutes to spare, we arrived at the wharf. The ferry was miraculously running late, so we quickly paid our fare and ran onto the pier to catch it. We made it. Yesssssss.

We took it to Georges Island, but in order to get to the smaller of the Harbor Islands, you have to take an inter-island shuttle. So we waited for that one and, since it goes in a gigantic loop of several places, we got to see Grape Island, Quincy, and some other spots. When we arrived at Bumpkin, we made a beeline up over a hill to the far side of the island to stake out the best campsite.

We unpacked and set up camp before heading off to explore the island. We walked along the trails and through bayberry bushes and trees; we saw old ruins of the Navy mess hall and an old stone house. Then we headed to the beach. There's a sandbar that, during low tide, links Bumpkin Island to Hull (on the main land). We got there as the tide was coming back in, but Micah ran across. He swam in the freezing water and we walked along the rocky beach searching for treasures. I won the treasure hunt when I found an entire bottle, whole, from 1924. Micah placed a close second with a piece of bowl from England.

We then sat at the campsite reading and doing crosswords before we made dinner - chicken fettuccine alfredo. Hooray for Chicken Helper. We sat on the beach at sunset and ate and then went to the other side of the island to see Boston lit up at night. We hung out for a little while with some fellow campers who had a fire going on the beach and then turned in for the evening. I think at some point during the evening, the flight patterns changed at Logan Airport because once we were settled in the tent, gigantic planes started to fly over us. Ah, the great outdoors.

We woke up at the crack of dawn with the sun beating directly into the tent. We made coffee (for Micah) and oatmeal before packing up camp and taking the first ferry of the day back to civilization. We were going to go to the beach at one of the other islands, but, since it was Sunday, the ferries ran infrequently and so we'd have to stay forever before we could get one back.

So we went home and then to Ikea instead.


City Bumpkins.

We'll be camping on Bumpkin Island tonight. It's in the Boston Harbor. So, if you need us, find a canoe.



It's Restaurant Week here in Beantown, meaning that we can go to the restaurants that we can't afford otherwise. We are going to an Italian place in the North End. Dinner for two.

It's our second anniversary-ish. It was last week sometime. Two years. Wow. Amazing. Two.

Marianna has her second (two) official interview on Tuesday. Tuesday = Twosday. Pray that it goes well.

Then there will be two of us working at Arnold.


Day to Day

OK, so you may be wondering what I do all day long seeing as I don't have a job yet. Well, the answer is that it usually involves copious amounts of time trolling the internet for jobs and craigslist for apartments (since i'll have to be out of this one a the end of the month) and waiting for a variety of people to get back to me. Speaking of my apartment, here are is a photo (you can see the rest on flickr).

So, other than that, I go exploring as long as it's not raining (see photo #1 below from Monday). I've been around Boston - to Boston Common and Filene's, Newbury Street - around Cambridge / Somerville - Harvard Square, Central - and some local wanderings around in general (see strange chair-like tree).

So, all-in-all, I am excited to be in Boston, but can't wait for a job. Because I am bored. And I want to get settled and start on this adventure for-real.

Don't forget to check out the flickr link (over at the top of the page to the right) for more photos of all our travels, adventures and miscellaneous ramblings.



Jurassisaurus Rex -or- Weekend Two.

Hi. Friday I had off. God bless summer Fridays. So I slept in. Then I, um, cleaned my house for a second. Then I hated it, cause it was like 85 degrees (sorry to all you Southern readers who don't think 85 is hot, what with the 103 today and all). I guess I am supposed to explain to you that 85 here sucks cause I don't have central air. And only a window unit. A lil fella. Who doesn't want to work a lot. So, we went to the Museum of Science.

Which, since I live in Somerville, right on the Cambridge state line, I get free museum passes. And I get to be Portuguese for free. Good thing the passes were free, cause the museum was pretty lame. Way less cool than the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago (complete with train track bear attacks) and even COSI in Columbus.

But it was fine. Cause there was a lightning machine maker that made 'splosions.

That afternoon. We went to the Sam Adams Brewery.

Way cooler than a thousand kids. That's about it. They talk about beer, show you how to make beer, then give you beer.

What more could anyone want? Cept an air conditioner.

Friday night.
Awesome party at a friend's roof deck.

You could see Fenway from there. And, had the Sox not been in Cleveland (or Seattle, wherever), it would've been even better. But it was sweet nonetheless.

Saturday. Wake up. Get stoked when I remember that it isn't Sunday, but Saturday. Then I don't do anything. Went to the Farmer's Market. Then watched a movie. Then tossed Lacrosse balls in the park with Marianna. I'm pretty amazing at lacrosse. Then we went out to Jillian's to meet up with a few buddies, former McKinneyites, who are in town. One for an interview, one for the Beastie Boys concert (which is right now). Lots of foosball.

Sunday. Sleep late, accidentally. Miss church. Then drive up to Concord. Concord, only 20 miles away, feels like it's out in the Gunks in New York. It's so far away feeling. Here is where the Revolutionary War started (Shot heard round the world, right here). Where all kinds of American authors lived / are buried. Thoreau, Emerson, Alcott, Hawthorne. The Concord Grape. And the finest barbecue pannini in Eastern Mass. Then came home, rode my bike something like 5 miles up to the Middlesex Fells Reservation, around on some trails, back. Then into town to hook up with my bros again.

More Concord pics here.

This morning I got a flat on the way to work. Boo. Anything else, Marianna? She says no.

See you guys soon.