Fallsville in Somerville.

I'll be honest with all you who read this (four of you).

I feel like I'm a crappy Blogger. I dont' recollect all my feelings, observations of life, so on. I've got two friends named Whit and Lindsay who are in Korea (North? South? I'm not that good of a friend either.) But they come home and post paragraphs about every day. And they are awesome. Each time I see one, I read it all. And maybe it's because Lindsay is a journalist. And I'm an art director. She likes to write the words. I like to paint the pictures. That's all. I'll try to get better. But this is what it is for now.

Ryan and I had a housewarming/college football/Baggo party this past weekend. The weather was amazing. The neighbors were really nice. The friends came on out across the river. The beer flowed like wine. It was, on all counts, a very successful day. Keep you eyes out. We might be throwing more in the future.

Oh, and my buddy Scott gets the golden chalice. He took the bus in from NYC for the party. So we hit up the Neighborhood restaurant for brunch on Sunday before he took off. It was so so good. Whoever comes up here, I'll take. I'm crazy. And then we hiked up Prospect Hill again. I love that place.

And as always, more pics of the fun can be found on Flickr. Until next time.


We came to dance.

Friday night. Girl Talk show at the Avalon. It was 3,987 degrees.


Headed to Oxford.

I'll be coming in for the Ole Miss / LSU game. Bummed that Marianna won't be coming with. But hey, thats the name of the game. Wait, the name is football.


Going on a witch hunt.

Hello world.

It's Micah. We've been kinda slacking on the blog as of late. But I think that is because Marianna is in the process of getting her stuff up here (which should arrive tomorrow), we've not been on any trips lately (but we've got some planned to CT, NH and ME over the next month and a half), and Micah still doesn't have a camera. So if Marianna isn't around, their blog is boring. That's all I'm saying.

Last week was Marianna's first at Arnold. We are now co workers, again. I like having her around. Even though we don't really see each other during the day. It's better to see her on IM than to not know what is going on. Like when she was a teacher. See, us kids nowadays...we are so spoiled. And if I can't show her a YouTube movie right away when I want, I feel like we are missing out on a moment. It's weird, but true.

So on Friday we kept it low key. Watched a movie. On Saturday had an AMAZING brunch at a local place called the Neighborhood Restaurant and Bakery. So good. If you come here, we will go there. No questions asked.

Then we drove up to Salem. And you know what I found?

A witch.

A fake witch.

A witch with a green thumb.

A statue of a pilgrim that is scary like a witch.

A witch museum.

A house of seven gables. Hawthorne wrote about it. It also holds witches.

A red house.

Witch row houses.

And a lighthouse.

And a house that looks like a ship. Cause the ship is behind it. No witchery involved.

That's about all.

On the way back stopped by the SUM. Which stands for Somerville Under McGrath. The Somerville arts council set out to reclaim unused, blighted space. SO they have a sculpture garden under a huge section of overpasses for the next month. Super cool.

Then we cruised to the South End to watch the UGA/South Carolina game at Clery's. Then to another friend's place to watch the Texas/TCU game. Then met some friends out at Parrish's Cafe on Newbury.

Sunday had a lazy day. Went to a new church. We're still looking for a place. Any suggestions?

Okay. That's all for now. Take great care. Bye.


Oh, and as always, more pictures from this adventure can be found on our Flickr account.


The Reign Ends.

It's with a heavy heart that I inform you that our trivia team came in dead last place. We didn't know trachea. We didn't know New Order. We didn't remember that John Candy was in JFK. We confused Uganda with Turkey, James K. Polk with William Henry Harrison and Lost in Translation with the 1984 movie, The Razor's Edge.

Congratulations to another Arnold team who dominated. They were on.

Just wait'll next week...


Todaybor Day is Labor Day.

I don't own a digital camera. That is why all the images on my posts are stolen and will have to be pulled when their rightful owners claim their copyright.

Marianna went home this weekend to get her stuff and move up. She's back now.

On Friday night I rode in Boston's Critical Mass. It's a monthly ride where 300+ cyclists get together and clog up the streets and bring traffic to a standstill and release zero carbon and make the streets quiet (except for car horns) and slower and more pleasant. And we tick off a lot of drivers and there are fights (at least one). It's such fun. I don't know that the point we are trying to prove is taken at all, nor am I totally certain of the point, but it's a great ride nonetheless.

Got up Saturday. Football, football, football. Got up and watched Gameday. Then headed over to Chesnut Hill to watch the Boston College / Wake Forest game. It was the most perfect of all time weather. 76. Sunny. Their tailgating at BC is lam on the whole, but we teamed up with a friend from work's family and had a good time. Strangest thing: you can't tailgate during the game. There is one field that you can pull a car onto (which costs 5,000). You can tailgate for three hours before the game. At :30 minutes to kickoff they send you into the stadium. Then after the game, you can only tailgate for another hour. I pine for the Grove.
Oh, and my new roommate moved in. And I hear the Rebels looked great against Memphis. At least for the first half.

Yesterday I played drums at church. Three different services. I was there all day long. And rocked my face / hands off.

And now, just waiting on Marianna's mattress delivery. Later.