Lunch break.

Funny, on my way to lunch, I ran into a parade.


We win.

I'm excited. We won the World Series. Oh, I know. Let's go flip cars over and start fires.

But let's be honest, was there any question as to who was going to win this one?


Bonkers for Halloween.

I dunno what it is.

Maybe it's the weather. Maybe they've been cursed and are trying to get even. Maybe there is an unpublicized contest. Whatever the reason, my neighborhood is going bat crap insane over Halloween.

It started like three weeks ago. There are displays, no, installations to the netherworld. That are added onto every afternoon. Like these people have to have extra storage space to keep their "Woman eating the flesh of a raccoon" life size dolls.

I guess I might as well go get some candy to hand out Wednesday night. And an axe, some blood, a spooky soundtrack, a shovel, a replica Jason and Freddy Krueger boxing, a disembodied head, a disemheaded body and a scarecrow.


Two Seasons.

Summer in Boston.

Autumn in Boston.

I guess it is Fall here now. The leaves have turned a bit. It's strange, because not all the trees have changed. Some are still green. Others have exploded into color. And a few are already bare. Hunkering down for winter. Even though it's still warm enough to jog in shorts and a t-shirt.

Tight is game three of the World Series. It's in Colorado. We're going to watch that rather than head out to a Halloween Party. Go Sox.

Go changing leaves.



Great photo. Game 7 of the ALCS. Watching in Cambridge. Thanks to our friend Julie.

Two up.

This whole place is in love with their baseball team. And by that, I mean that I think MA will be the first state to allow team / fan marriages.

"Do, you, Micah, take this team, for better or for worse? For win or for lose? In sickness and in health?"

"Yes, no. Yes, no. No, Yes."

"Then I now pronounce you, Manager and wife."

We cruised over to Fenway after work last night to find Marianna a hat. And me an $8 hotdog. And we both scored.

As did the Sox. Twice. Which was just good enough to win. Next game is Saturday in Colorado. Which we will lose, just to keep it interesting.



Went tonight to see our governor, Deval Patrick, give his support for Barack Obama. There was a rally in Boston Common. And probably about 7,000 people there.

I'm still researching the democratic candidates, but lemme tell you: Barack stands for something. He's a guy you can believe in.

I don't know how my vote will go quite yet. But I'm stoked to finally be in a blue state.


PS. I didn't have my camera. And by my I mean Marianna's. I stole these images from this guy.

We’re busy for one more week and a half.

Cause the Sox made it to the World Series. Great, dominating (starting around the 7th inning) performance for Game 7. Those Rockies better watch out. We're hot.

But first, we hit up the Head of the Charles on Sunday. Great day for it. I'd write more, but I've forgotten about sitting for several hours in 75 degrees with the perfect amount of sun. Oh wait, I just snapped back. I do remember. And it was amazing. We took in the races (as did 174,000 other people) and then headed to Tavern on the Square in Central Square to watch the game. And maybe we arrived there three hours before game time. And maybe we stayed the whole time. Great, great weekend.


I saw Stars.

We were fortunate enough to see the Canadian bands Stars last night at Berklee Performing Arts Center. The were so tight. Really good show.

But you know what is tragic? The fact that we were so excited about the show starting promptly at 8:30. Because that meant that we could go to be early. (Insert wha whaaaaa sound.) That's what happens when you get old. The joints don't work. All the kids you see at concerts look like a) they are in high school b) they are wearing clothes that are a] prohibitively or b] extremely uncomfortable / outdated. So we caught our busses at 10:30, bid each other adieu, and I was at my house by 11:15. Just in time for Friday Night Lights and shut eye.

And just cause we are in town this weekend doesn't mean that we are not going to do anything. No sir. We got the Head of the Charles, the Sox game, clothes to wash, copious amounts of laundry to do, church. As a matter of fact, I've got to run. We are passing out granola bars at the subway stop for servant evangelism at church. Which is a whole other story...

~ Micah


Just feet.

Sox. Heels. Two of my favorite things dealing with podiatry.

We went to Boston College to watch the women's soccer team from UNC play those Eagles. It was a fairly even game. Until the Heels made a shot in double overtime and found the top left corner of the net. Heels win. Game over.

The the Red Sox finally made something happen, for the first time in a week. They won last night and are now trailing in the series 3-2. But those Injuns better watch out. Cause the game is in Boston on Saturday night. This place is going to be rocking.


Jimmy Eat Tickets.

Just got an awesome early birthday present. Marianna got tickets to the Jimmy Eat World concert here on the 7th. I'm pumped. They are the only band that I listen to on a regular basis that I've not seen yet.

Marianna - 1. Micah - 0.


CT it out.

We spent an amazing fall weekend in Roxbury, Connecticut. Story to come shortly.

With Real Life Blog Action!

It's Blog Action Day. And you know how I'm a sucker for invented holidays.Thousands of blogs around the planet are taking today to talk about environmental issues.

Well, I don't have a lot of thoughts on that. I mean, I've got thousands.

But I don't have anything that will convince you to act more locally or recycle or walk more or use public transit or wear Patagonia or turn off a light or buy a Terrapass or eat more organics or buy more locally made goods or offset your carbon footprint while flying or stop using plastic bags and use a tote or carpool or bring a reusable mug to work or plant a garden or smile at strangers or go to church or move to a more sustainable city or sell your car or turn off your TV (unless the Sox are on) or support local businesses or anything like that.

So, I've got nothing for you.


We Dominated. For the homeless.

Last night we played in the Fort Franklin kickball tournament. It was a benefit for the Pine Street Inn of Boston.

Twas a gloomy, dark night. We all were running late from work. Who, on earth, starts a tourney at 5? Um, we have jobs. Awesome ones, yes, but jobs nonetheless. But our stars aligned and our ref was 45 minutes late. So our team was there by then. And that's when the destruction began.

We played three games. We won the first one against Conover Tuttle Pace. We then beat Modernista!. But those guys wouldn't give up, and fought back in the loser's game and played us for the championship game.

At that point, both teams were well 'hydrated'. And we put them down 11-2.

It's hard to win all the time. Unless you are us.

I love t shirts.

One of the nicer vids I've seen in a minute.


I've been living a lie.

Talked with my Mum last night. And I told her that I am going to Ireland. And then she drops a bomb.

"Son, you know you are Irish?"

Ummmm. No. No one has told me that. Thanks. No wonder I am short like a leprechaun. And am attracted to green things. And moved to Boston. And want to hug the Notre Dame mascot.

She says right before my grandmother began to really lose her mind (she passed last year, bless her heart), she told my Mom that her mother was an Irish immigrant. Which makes my maternal great grandmother 100% Irish and my paternal great grandmother 100% Cherokee.

Finding out I'm Irish is like finding out that your dad is Walt Disney, and you have a lifetime pass to Disneyland. Cause every time I go into an Irish bar (and there are plenty in Boston) I will feel slightly at home.

Now I'm going to find my great grandmother's last name. Let's raise one to the mother land.

- Running Fawn O'Whitson


It's gettin Katahdin here.

Back from another action packed weekend. This one courtesy of our friend Christopher Columbus who came and found this fair land. And, had he been in Maine around the same time that we were, I'm sure he'd have gone back and told the Queen that he'd found nothing. Then, under the cove of night, would break out the Santa Maria, (fear that he was being chased for 8 months) and settle down in a log cabin (forged from hand) in this new land. But then it wouldn't be called Maine. It would prolly be called PoweredWigLandia.


4:45 am on Saturday. I wake up. Want to cry. Marianna I think is sick to her stomach for having to get up so early. (I flash back to the night before and an amazing turkey casserole dish we made compliments of Rachael Ray's 30 Minute Meals. delish). I'm still tired.

Meet up with our crew. It's a group of folks from a church here in Boston and some Northeastern students. 7.5 hours of riding in a car with strangers. Well, not entirely. I knew Marianna. And I knew this guy, Rob, from a trip I took into Patagonia. He helped me to end some pants off the get fixed. And I noticed a sweet cross tattoo on his wrist. It says "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." That's in John 10. So I asked him if he'd like to get a beer. We became fast friends. Super good dude.

We arrive at Baxter State Park in Maine. Which is the furthest north I've ever been. It's more northern than Montreal, CA. And the leaves are just starting to change. It's amazing. That night we just sit around, have some tortilla's for dinner. Hit the sack.

On Sunday morning, two groups have different plans. I'm in the group who is going to the top of Katahdin. It's the highest point in Maine and the end of the 2100 mile Appalachian Trail that starts in Georgia. We get up at 6am. Which is two early, early days in a row. It takes us 8.5 hours. We gain 3700 vertical feet. It's a 10 mile hike. And it is probably the best day hike I've ever done.

Marianna's group goes to a different peak. South Turner. It's about 1500 feet shorter than Baxter's peak, but no less breathtaking views of the valley. The leaves were absolutely amazing. God's hand in creation is no more evident than when viewing sites like these.

That night, quick dinner of Spaghetti, and then we hit the beds hard. And sleep for 10 hours.

Monday we crank it back into Boston. And that's about it. And, as always, see all the pics here.

Stay tuned for this next weekend. We are going to pick apples in Connecticut.