Irish I was blogging.

Apologies on no stories yet. We've been trying to get into the holiday spirit of our US consumerism. I've uploaded all the pictures here. We'll tell the stories soon enough. Promise.


James Joyce, Arthur Guinness, and us.

Have all, at one point or another, been in Dublin.

We just got back to the B&B and are about to get some shut eye. But this is just a notification that all is well in the Emerald Isle.


Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey, Shamrock.

We're off...at 7:15 tonight, and hopefully the travel fairies will be watching out for us. As we, along with 27 million other people, try to get where we're going.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Lookie there. Right where we are. Snow.

Hooray for snow.


Hotty Toddy.

Well, we lost. No big surprise. Oxford was great, as usual. Got to see heaps of friends and finally get some Ajax for the first time in four years. Delayed plane flights to and fro notwithstanding, it was a blast. And it seems now that 20 Ole Miss players have been put on probation. So we have that going for us.

Oh, and this morning we had our first snow of the season. It's going to be a looooong bike riding winter.


All Quiet on the Northeastern Front.

Hi friends.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've had a big pitch coming up at work (which is going on right now, in Cleveland) and I've been working 15 hour days, 10 days straight. So, needless to say, nothing has really happened. But, I've been quite impressed with the way Arnold works. This is only the second weekend I've worked since I've been here. Which is a far cry from my last job, in which I worked 65% of weekends.

I was able to sneak out last Saturday night for a minute to go to a birthday dinner with Marianna at the Central Kitchen in Cambridge. Really good time. And she got me all kinds of great gifts. Such a sweet heart, that Marianna is.

I'm taking the day off. I fly to Oxford tonight to watch the once somewhat mighty Rebs play the number one team in the land on Saturday. Wish us luck, we're going to need it.


We're cool.

Since I know so many of you hear / read the industry blogs, I was just going to let you guys know that we weren't let go in the recent layoffs.

You will all still be getting all the presents that we were planning on getting you for Christmas.

Oh, and we are both super thankful to still have jobs in these crazy economic times.


On Perpetual Motion.

You can't beat Newton's First Law of Motion.

When I ride in this city, I realize that I can't beat it, either. Once my tires start rolling, it's over. And by over, I really mean on. You are trying to back up a car into a spot on the right hand side of the road? I'm going to blow past you on the inside. I've been visualizing it for the last block, anyways. 4 miles of backed up traffic; not fazed. I'm still home in 15 minutes. Is there a road blocked off for sewage repairs? That's fine. I'm on the sidewalk. And if you are one walking on the sidewalk, get out of my way. You go to MIT, after all. And you are fully aware of the First Law. Street paving? NO worries. I'm in and out of cones. The police are directing traffic. The lights are off. You can put your hand up and tell me to stop. But I'm blowing past still.

It's not a legal issue, it's a physics issue.

And I think the only thing that is going to bust his Law is when the temperature drops into single digits. That is the inherent flaw in his thinking. No account for wind-chill.


Zoo-tastic. Not.

So this past Sunday, we had tickets to the New England Zoo. I was super excited about going. It was a sunny, but chilly day.

There's a little thing people like to call curb appeal, and based on that, I was skeptical upon arrival. And, it turns out, that skepticism was founded. I haven't been to a zoo in a while, so I am not sure what I was expecting, but this was not exactly it. I guess I am remembering the NC zoo, where it's not really in a city, and there's lots of room for big displays and habitats. And this place was small and kind of run down. And all the animals seemed sad. But at least we could see the animals (unlike the giant habitats where animals can hide in far off corners). Well, we saw all of them except for the giraffes.

Ostrich with strangely human giant eyes.

a fake dead antelope in a tree, apparently cheetahs can take their meals up into trees

Sad old lion.

Micah and some fake gorillas

Baby gorilla

Tapirs - They have short elephant noses, but are most closely related to horses

Strangely smiling Nigerian Dwarf Goat.

So I hate to be all negative, I mean, the zoo was opened in 1913, so it's going to have it's issues. And they did have good animals. And the bird house was a really cool asian-styled building.

We did have fun, despite the rusting trashcans and broken stairs and peeling paint.


Micah Eat Cake.

I got to go see Jimmy Eat World for my birthday. As I'd told you, Marianna has gotten me a ticket and surprised me a few weeks back. It was pretty so good.

Although, I must admit, I was a little underwhelmed by their performance. There were some nice parts, to be sure, but something was missing. I guess I'm just used to seeing bands in small venues. Bands that aren't necessarily big yet, or ones that haven't 'made it.' And those are the bands that are still hungry. That play so hard that they throw up (like Bonde Do Role a few weeks back). The bands that leave the stage beaten up. The bands that won't - or can't - do encores cause they have nothing left. Those are the bands that are really exciting.

I guess all art like that is exciting. And sport. And food.

Mmmmmmm. Food.

Part Two.

As promised. My office.


Funny thing happened on the way to the office.

I know. You wake up every morning and wonder what it's like to be in my shoes. You think to yourself "Self, a) why am I not as charming as that Whitson boy b) how did he such an amazing girlfriend? c) what does his 3 mile ride to work each day really consist of?"

So, here you are. A chronicle of my journey into work each morning. And also, a photo representation that you can read to the police when I get hit by a car. It's a win win.

I start out here in Inman Square.

And pass a really small house number.

The Junior Mint factory that I mentioned earlier in the blog.

I'm assuming, at some point, there was a fire. And some people lost things they had put in a warehouse.


Left from the Mass. Ave Bridge towards downtown.

Right on the Mass. Ave bridge. That sign is a few blocks in front of Fenway.

Straight on the bridge towards the Pru, where I work.

On Mass. Ave. Right as I drop into the city / land of the noon day sun.

Corner of Mass. and Boylston. At Berklee School of Music.

My building is the one on the right, that just out at a crazy angle.

Stay tuned tomorrow, kids, for "What does my office look like?"


Mum's the word.

Went and saw an Icelandic band play tonight. They are called Mum. Watch this video, and if you'd like to really experience them, crank it to 11.

Our first Noreaster.

Monday there was a 10% chance of rain on Saturday. On Thursday night, there was a 100% chance of rain. And that rain came in the form of 4 inches and 50 mile an hour winds.

So, we went to Boston College to watch the #2 team in the land get beat, in the rain. And at least we can say we made it through a half. We, being fair weather fans (if tailgating in a parking garage when it is 40 degrees out and not being able to feel your toes for 6 hours) took off at halftime, and were able to watch the wallop that FSU put on the Eagles from the comfort of our homes.

At least we got in one college game this year together. I've got one more in two weekends.

The week of concerts.

On Thursday night we went and saw Annuals and Manchester Orchestra at Great Scott. Super awesome. I found out after the show that the guys in Manchester go to the same church I went in ATL.


This just in.

God is a Red Sox fan.

And apparently, a Pats fan as well. We'll see Sunday.


Wicked Awesome

So I've been wanting to see the musical Wicked for some time now. Yesterday, it turns out, was the day. I got half-price tickets from BosTix in Copley Square. And I was so super excited because I love going to the theater. And secretly (or not so secretly now) want to be in a Broadway show (just in the chorus, not a lead or anything).

The venue was AMAZING. It was at the Boston Opera House. The interior is Baroque, so it's really ornate. The opera house wasn't in use from 1991 until 2004 because it had fallen into disrepair after a massive flood. It was restored and finally reopened. It's crazy to think that a great venue like this wasn't being used.

Anyway, the musical itself was great. It's one of those that has really good music, elaborate sets and cool costumes. And the storyline was great, too. It's about the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch, how they were friends, and what happened before Dorothy showed up in Oz.

Really good. Fun time. Gimme some singing and dancing lessons and sign me up.

(*Wicked pictures from Wikipedia)