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Amazing. From Fresh Paint.


Well. Thanks.

I've been hearing the outrage from our blog faithful. And I feel it, too. Nay... we feel it. In the spirit of supplementation, click this link. And keep doing it for every day until August 16th. We're bound to have more stories by then.



I guess we are being less than adequate bloggers. We've not given many new updates, or much of anything, really, this month. And for that, we apologize. We've been busy at work (pitches) and home (wedding planning). And as such, we don't have too much to share. But that's no excuse. This is the third least blog entried month in the history of Blogston. And that's no way to start out the year.

But this is an attempt to fill you in on some things, kinda. I (Micah) have been snowboarding twice in the last week. I went to Sunapee last Saturday and banged up my head pretty good. I'm pretty sure I had a walking concussion. I could tell that my brain was doing crazy things. Like remembering memories that never existed and then putting them in a cage match. But I just had to roll with it. And yes, I had on a helmet. This past Friday I went to Wildcat in New Hampshire. And it was awesome. Tickets were $9 dollars because they were celebrating their 50th anniversary and priced tickets like it was 1958. And nobody told the mountain about global warming, cause it was snowing like 1958, too.

This weekend we've registered. Planned a few wedding things. Went to church. Got an inch of snow. Nothing big.

I'm working on a graphic for the next sermon series at church. So here it is.

Well do more exciting things soon. Promise.



Stole this picture from my roommate's Flickr stream. He took it one day last week waiting on the bus to work from our local corner. Pretty awesome.



Let it be noted that this spectacle is not me at work on a Friday night, as such. But rather me showing you all that I got a new pair of glasses. I like them. What do you all think?

Not that it really matters. They came from Paris and I can't send them back. The French don't roll that way.


Triple Post Day.

One of the many things I love about Arnold: Box Seats.

Tonight we stayed roasty toasty with the box seats and took down the Portland Trailblazers by 10. Finally the Celts are looking on the up and up again.

Now, these things don't just fall out of trees. I spent a few late nights at the office working some magic on an internal project. And they rewarded me appropriately. By giving me a disproportionate amount of nachos, chicken wings and beers.

And best of all: I got to take my fiance.

Vote for me.

Hey all.

I've entered a book cover design into a British contest. Would you mind casting your vote for my design? You all are the best friends a guy could ask for.


We've got a place and date for the wedding. August 16. Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC. Out in the country. I've already checked the weather. It's going to be 72 and sunny.

We're excited.

Big thanks to Marianna's parents for making this happen. We're going to have a blast.

Also, thanks for getting our blog to 1000 page loads. That means each of you who read it have been here 250 times.


Engaging + Patriots

So, last Friday night we went out to drinks with our Boston friends to celebrate our engagement. Because when we got back, everyone was like, "that's so awesome that you got engaged. Lets grab a drink sometime." So we just told everyone to meet us at Brownstone on Friday. Kelly Early even brought us a great cake it had M&M on top and, 'first comes love, then comes marriage' on the side. And the staff brought me and Micah champagne. It was super fun.

Saturday people came over to Micah's to watch the Patriots game. Blake even cooked 20 lbs of chicken wings for everybody. They were really good. And the 7-layer dip was amazing too.

And then we hung around, went to church, and ran errands and stuff. And that was our weekend. Pretty low key which was good.



That's Spanish for word. As in 'Word to your mother.'

Anyways, I had a hit on my webpage today from someone in Mexico. And they chose to translate my page into Spanish. So I clicked on that link, and here's what I've got.

Es loco.


We come to steal your children.

Hey blogston readers.

Sorry about the lack of posts. It seems up here that the amount of posting, as well as the caliber of trips, is inversely proportional to the raising temperatures. Which is to say that our posts are trapped in the permafrost, and are just now taking advantage of snowmelt, climate change and forty degree days.

On Saturday we got a back in the habit of visiting things we've not seen yet. We headed over to the Boston Children's Museum. As we got their, we realized if you are not already with children (or perhaps with child) they will take your IDs and make you wear badges. I guess this is so we don't swipe any kiddies. I appreciate the precaution. But, as we walked around, I couldn't shake the feeling that we were creepy. We were marked. And that everyone was looking at us and pulling their children away and telling them it's okay the bad man with the hot fiance isn't going to take them anywhere. I really felt what I can only imagine Hester Prynne felt like. We grew tired of the spectacle after an hour and a half or so.

We went out to a fancy dinner in the North End that night. We've not been over to dinner there since our post during restaurant week, which was four months ago. We acted like adults and put on slacks and combed our hair and used big words like 'quite' and 'disintegration' and 'fiance.' We went to Monica's. Fortunately for all, they have spent time making their raviolis spectacular and not their website. And then we watched the Bucket List.

And then today church, the mall, then home(s). I can't wait until my new roommate is Marianna. Although, I totally dig my current roomie. Promise.


The One You've All Been Waiting For...

Unless you haven't heard our news yet. In which case, you haven't been waiting. But you should be excited. Cause it's something awesome.

So, yeah, we're engaged. And here's the story.

It all started one Thursday evening. Well, night really. Micah was coming up from Alabama where he had spent Christmas. His flight was delayed coming in from Charlotte for an unknown reason. So I picked him up at 10:00 from the airport. He was looking all snazzy in jeans and a blazer. So, we drove home to my mom's house. And when we got there, I could see my dad sitting on the couch in the living room. Which doesn't sound all that weird, except that my parents are divorced and remarried to other people. And so it was weird. Dad said that our friend Ian had dropped off a gift for us earlier in the week and he had forgotten to give it to us. Please note, the present was a large, picture-shaped (as in one that hangs on the wall) gold box with a giant gold ribbon.

So, I got a little suspicious, but didn't really think that it was going to happen. Micah had gone upstairs to put away his bags. When he came back downstairs he grabbed a glass of water and then we sat down to open presents. Micah and I sat on the floor, and my mom, dad, sister, brother, stepmom, and stepdad sat around us on couches and chairs and such. So, I started to open the giant golden gift. And I got part way through and asked Micah, "are you going to help me?" So, he grabbed some scissors to open the packing tape on the box.

Then I continued to open it. It was a black picture frame wrapped in bubble wrap. I could just make out a few words as I moved the bubble wrap away...Will you...And then I realized what was happening. And I looked up at Micah (who had a ring in his hand) and he asked, "Will you marry me?" And I said yes a bunch of times. I may have even said yes before he officially asked. And then, with shaking hands, he put the ring on my finger. For the record, the print was a silkscreened text layout that Micah designed, and it said 'will you be my wife' in light blue on the top layer and 'say yes' in gold behind it.

I was shocked. I never expected that to happen, at least not over Chrismas. And not in front of my family. But it did. And I am still shocked. And excited. And overwhelmed. And so, so happy.

So, since about everybody except for me knew this was about to happen, John (stepdad) had champagne ready (Dom Perrignon to be exact). We toasted and talked and I tried to catch my breath.

And then after everyone else had left or gone to sleep, we texted people. And then watched a little TV. And then Micah went to sleep. And I went to bed, but didn't sleep. Like at all. Okay, maybe like 2 hours or something. But hardly at all. There was too much to take in, and I was too excited.

The ring (princess cut)