Don't play this game.

Unless you want to lose 45 hours to nothingness.

It's so addictive.

Click here.

Seriously. You are going to lose sleep. Just warning you.


I am trying to break your heart.

Good happy Easter Monday. The weather is gorgeous this morning in New England. And with the exception of it just being silly cold, it's been great all weekend.

I stole the line above from a Wilco movie. But I'm going to follow up and and show you that I am serious. Yesterday after church we went walking around. We're looking for sofas and we needed to kill some time before we went to some friends' house for Easter dinner. So we headed up Newbury and saw the Pottery Barn. And while I've never, ever, ever had the desire to look inside a Pottery Barn, we thought we might as well give it the old college try and look inside.

But it was locked. As it's Easter, no big deal. It was one of the few closed stores on Newbury yesterday, but whatever. And then, we saw it.

There. At the window. A flash. Up the carpet roll in the display. BAM! Back, forth, back forth. BAM! Feet forward, jumping, at the glass (except to him it wasn't glass, it was a mean trick).

A little chipmunk was stuck inside the PB.

Nobody told the little fellow that it wasn't a real barn.

So there he was and there we were and we were trying to tell him to stop launching himself at the window and it was all not going to matter and to him we were there to help and we couldn't do a thing and we didn't have a way way to help and why wasn't there some EMERGENCY! BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF CUTE STUCK RODENT disclaimer and our hearts were breaking and he kept jumping and as we walked away he followed us along the glass and Don't look back - just go.

I hope he made it okay. And that he bolts first thing this morning. And that we get a discount on our sofa. Due to trace amounts of chipmunk poo.


Evactuation Day. Good Glover. And Leprechans.

Friday evening we went out for Restaurant Week. And since it's now a bit lighter in the evenings, we walked from work over to the North End. Past the super famous (even though I'd not heard of it until I moved here) Make Way For Ducklings statue.

We grabbed some drinks at a place called Goody Glover's.

I can only imagine that the place has gotten better over the past several years, as they buried the interstate and gave the places on the ends a clear view of Boston.

We had dinner at Mare. It's the hippest looking place in the North End. And the food isn't half bad either.

Saturday we kept it low key. Then on Sunday we went to church, then watched UNC win the ACC title. And since it is the biggest day for the Irish, and we're in the biggest city for them, we took off to South Boston to revel in the festivities.

By the time we got there at 4:30, there were small scale riots, tons of sick people, fender benders a plenty and some snow showers.

Hooray for Boston.

Oh, and today was Evacuation Day. Which was a holiday in the city. Except for us.


Top O'

And no, not Top of the Hill in Chapel Hill.

Top of the Hub. On the 52nd floor. In the Prudential building. In Boston.

We had lunch there this week. It's usually super-pricey, but it's part of restaurant week which started this week. So lunch was only $20. Which is still expensive for lunch, but not too crazy considering the location and the 3 courses.

The food was pretty good. Not the best ever. But the views were great. And it was swanky, so that was fun. We both started with a mixed salad with blue cheese, walnuts and pear slices (i think). Then I had ziti and micah had salmon. The ziti was kind of bland, but okay. For dessert i had creme brulee and micah had a cappuccino cake - no surprise there.

2 more outings for restaurant week. Dinner this Friday and next. We'll keep you posted.


Asian Elvis.

So the weather is starting to change a bit now. And I don't really know what I mean by that, cause it's still bloody cold, but the sun was out at least this morning. And that meant that the bikes were starting to show up. I counted 21 on my way in this morning.

But there were actually 22. I didn't count the one, cause it was a bike cop. And he'd pulled over two bikers. I don't know their infraction (if it were me the infraction would be 'running multiple red lights and looking awesome doing so'), but I do know that I'm bummed for them. Because I think bike cops are funny.

Much like Asian Elvises.

Like they look like Elvis, kinda. And wear the same accessories, kinda. And might even shake their pelvises. But at the end of the day, no one really thinks 'Oh my gosh! It's Elvis!' They go 'Look at that Elvis impersonator. Let's get a soda.'

And can a bike cop even ask you for ID? Chances are, if you are on a bike, you don't have ID on you. Cause you aren't driving a car or buying a beer, so why would you have your ID? Can you lie to a bike cop? I guess that's where it gets sticky.

Unlike Asian Elvis, they are actually police men and women. Ones with defined calves.

Check this site out. Done by some old friends and acquaintances from Atlanta.


Conference Call.

Rather than hanging out, sometimes we just like to sit at our apartments and video chat.

Like when I'm making wedding invitation designs.

Although, this kinda looks like we are in a argument, eh?


The First Weekend in March

was pretty laid back, which was super-nice.

Friday night, we just cooked and hung out. Micah picked up some pre-prepared deliciousness from Whole Foods. Their meat counter has all sorts of seasoned and stuffed meats - so we had pork stuffed with cheese and broccoli. All we had to do was go home and cook it in the oven for a while. And I made some bacon-seasoned green beans, which have become Micah's fave. Oh, and we added some mac and cheese for another side dish. Tasty.

Saturday we wandered around town for a while. I picked up a Red Sox t-shirt, so I can sport it in the upcoming season. We started looking at wedding bands which was fun. And we walked across Boston Common and up Newberry Street before it started wintry-mixing on us and we headed home. We cooked chili (from our Rachel Ray 30 minute meal cookbook *disclaimer - these do not actually take 30 min. unless you are Rachel Ray) for dinner. Yum-ee.

Sunday we headed to church. And then ate lunch. And then went skiing. Yes, night skiing. Well, skiing and snowboarding. We went night to Wachusett, which is just an hour away. I'm not usually a huge fan of night skiing because it's so freezing and usually icy, but it was fun for just the two of us to go. And we had good conditions - not too much ice, it wasn't snowing and the snow blowers weren't on, it wasn't freezing. And we even got the first run down 2 just-groomed runs - corduroy, my favorite.

So, yeah, that's pretty much it.

Phrases I've never heard uttered about 51 degree temperatures, until my roommate came back in this morning after walking outside with a heavy jacket:

"Dude, it's balmy out."