No sleep till Brooklyn.

OR maybe a lot of sleep.

Cause I have not have coffee in five days.

This is the first time I've detoxed in over three years. Holy smoke. Now, I've not gone total cold turkey. I've started chomping on loose leaf tea. From a place across the street from work. I've got an Earl Grey Creme blend that has 20% the caffeine of a cup o joe. I got the little tea strainer and sit around wearing a tweed blazer and talking about import taxes and smoking a pipe and revolting. I've had two of those a day since Monday. So I'm at 40% capacity, and dropping quickly. It feels good. Like someone stealing your favorite hobby good.

And, this image is a poster Marianna got me for Christmas. It's from Hatch Show Print in Nashville. Good work honey bunches.

And we're going to Brooklyn tonight. See you with all the hipsters.


Memorial Day with Mom and Caroline

So, my mom and sister came up to visit this weekend. They got here early on Friday. Micah was so nice as to drive me to the airport to pick them up and drop us off at their hotel. They checked in and we walked over to the T and went into the city. We walked through Boston Common and the public gardens and then down Newberry Street.

We popped into a few shops and browsed around, and then we grabbed lunch at an outdoor restaurant. It was nice sitting in the sunshine and catching up and chatting. We walked around a bit longer and then did a trial hair-do run for the wedding. Which didn't really work out - it looked good in the front, but the back wasn't what I was going for. Oh well, that's why we did a trial run.

After that we headed out to Harvard Square to meet up with Micah for dinner. We ate at Wagamama which is an asian place. It's yummy and one of only 2 in the US. A little different than most chinese spots around.

After dinner we went to a dessert place called Finale. It was pretty amazing. They pretty much focus on the desserts, but do have other food. But I don't know why you'd want it since the desserts are so amazing. Definitely a place to go back to sometime. After that we all parted ways and headed home for the night.

Saturday morning Micah picked up my mom and sister and met me at our favorite brunch spot - the Neighborhood Restaurant. We waited for a little bit and then were served an amazing breakfast. French toast, eggs, bacon, hash browns, lots of yummy stuff. And way too much as usual. But in a good way.

After that we took a quick tour of Micah's apartment and then mine and then headed to the T. We took it into the city to the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts). We saw the El Greco exhibit that was there and went to a few other rooms there. It was cool, especially the Spanish court painters in the exhibition - so detailed and intricate!

Then we went back toward the Copley area and hit a few more stores - it was more successful than Friday which was fun. Caroline and I both found some cute clothes. We went home for a second and freshened up before dinner. Then we drove over to Gaslight in the South End for dinner. The place was full of tile which was really neat; a little French bistro. And the food was great too. On the way home, we stopped in at Christina's and got some ice cream.

Sunday we went to early church. After that we went by the office for a quick tour. We walked through the mall at Copley and stopped in a few stores. Mom found a dress for the wedding, well, 2 actually, which was really great. Yay.

Then it was on to the aquarium. We saw jellyfish, penguins, giant sea turtles, sharks, bunches of fish, and seals. The jellyfish are always really cool because of how they light the exhibits. And the penguins were really cute.

We went to Micah's and picked out something for dinner, ran by the grocery store and then started cooking while mom and Caroline relaxed. We made cashew chicken, brown rice, and green beans. The rice took FOREVER to cook - like 3x as long as the cook book said. The cashew chicken was good, but it was super spicy (especially for me since I don't do really spicy things).

Monday me and Caroline and mom went to the mall across from their hotel and browsed around. Then we had a leisurely lunch at Cheesecake Factory outside on the patio in the sunshine. We did a lot of talking about the wedding plans and figuring out what was left to do. Then it was time for them to fly away back to NC. But it was a nice long weekend. And it was great to hang out with them.


Summer Friday.

I'm off today. As is Marianna. Her mom and sister came into town today. So we should have some stories. But right now, I'm just eating some lunch (with my roomie who was the beneficiary of the impromptu grill fest).

Happy Friday to you all.



Moved up right at a year ago. And now I've got my season montage complete.

Man, I love spring up here.


Snowden + Colour Revolt.

I saw these two awesome bands last night. Snowden. Colour Revolt. But poor Marianna. She's wanted to go twice and both times they've come to town she's been sick. So I flew solo again.

And I'm still trying to figure out how to use my camera in low light. Although, I got some sweet pics either way.


Bostonian Gardenian.

I like freedom. I don't like having to rely on others for everything. Like robot cars. They all have so many computers and motors in them now that there is no way I'd be able to fix it. Back in the old days, summer of '97, my window on my car broke. I popped off the door panel, put my window back on track. Then it worked. Bam. Armchair mechanic. That was then. 11 years later, no one can touch their own car.

Same goes with food. I like the romantic thought of growing some of my own eats. A few carrots. Some goats. Maybe a cake or two.

But I don't live a) on a farm or b) in a story book. I live in Beantown. And my backyard is just leased to me. But not even like a sharecropper's lease. But a rentee's lease. But I didn't let that stop me.

I bought a patio garden. Yes, like the one in the Sky Mall catalog on the backs of chairs of airplanes. The one that lets you grow tomatoes upside down so that no insects get on them (nevermind that insects fly and enrich the soil). We filled it with herbs (tyme, parsley, basil, rosemary) and lettuces and tomatoes.

But we didn't let it stop there. We had some extra plants. So they went BAM! straight into the flower beds.

Our experiment is underway.


Opens today. Across the street.



Bike Cop! Sneak Attack! Municipal Violation!

All those things came to mind 20 minutes ago as I, and two other perps, were pulled over for running a red light. It was at a crosswalk at MIT. There was not cross traffic. It's just a place for pedestrians to cross. I've run it, oh..... I dunno. Maybe 96 times before?

Well today my luck changed.

In my mind, the two policemen who were flagging us down and waving in front of us were just saying "Man, you all are doing a great job of fighting global warming. Keep it up."

Instead they were saying "I'm juhst ghanna give yah a wahnin' today. But remebah, when yah out here on tha streets, yah ghotta obey the same laws that the cahrs do. Yah gaht me?"

I just feel for the bloke who got pulled over in the Taxi cab. If you can't avoid eye contact with two police who are writing up three violators on bikes, you got no business operating a cab in this fair city.

As a side. This is the first ticket I've ever gotten for a moving violation.

At least I didn't get a violation for A4: Improper disposal of dog feces.

PS: Check here for a thought about Bike Cops.


30 hours of Mississip.

Hey Blogston readers.

Sorry for the lack of posts. We've been a) not doing much to blog about b) launching websites and c) planning a wedding. Our hearts break for not being able to tell you about everything that happens here.

Well, I cruised down on Friday night to see an old roommate get married in Jackson, MS. It was great to see some of my good friends, and to hang out for a minute. But that only lasted long enough for a game of golf, a wedding and a few glasses ofo wine. As quickly as it started, I was outta there.

We should have some stories at some point. I mean, something has got to happen at some point, right?


"I" is for Thursday

Because last Thursday we went to Ikea...and then Ihop.

We were on an armoire hunt...since one of the bedrooms at Micah's - aka our future - apartment doesn't have a closet. The venture turned up fruitless because the one we thought might work was a piece...as in a piece of rickety, sad-looking wood. Oh well. There is another that may work, but it was significantly more dollars.

Then, on the way home, Micah wanted to stop by Ihop. And I was sold because breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. And we had eggs and pancakes and yummy stuff. (this is not the actual location we visited)

And then we were back on the road to Boston.