All star photo addition from our friend Ryan.


I should've skipped Friday.

Friday I needed to go to the Somerville Parking office and get a new parking pass for my neighborhood. So I rode up that way on the bicycle.

En route, there was a funeral procession rounding a corner. In an attempt to move out of their way, I jumped up onto a curb. Within .008 seconds, I thought "I bet I got a pinch flat." Two blocks later, I realized that was the case. So I walked a few blocks and locked up my bike at Marianna's apartment.

Then I walked on up to the parking office, a mile or so further. To find a sign that says 'Computers are down.' Of course they are. It's a Friday that I'm supposed to be off work but I have to go in and now I've got a flat and can't park and somebody a few blocks ago is in a hearse.

A few days later, on Sunday, I head back with a new tube to put in my flat tire which is living on a slant in Marianna's apartment courtyard. I round the corner to find that Friday showed up once more later on during the weekend.

Someone had stolen my front wheel.


I’m magic.

Today was the Celtics NBA championship parade. I bet there were 500,000* people lining the streets of Boston. There to celebrate the world Champions. Now, I don't want to toot my own horn, but let's look at some facts.

Fact: Micah move to NC in 2005. Fact: The Carolina Hurricanes win the Stanley Cup later that year.

Fact: Micah moves to Boston in 2007. Fact: The Boston RedSox win the World Series.

Fact: Micah is living in Boston. Fact: The New England Patriots have a perfect regular season, only to lose to and Eli Manning led Giants team.

Fact: I sat behind Eli Manning in three business classes.

Fact: Micah is living in Boston. Fact: The Celtics win their first title in twenty something years.

I'm just saying. You want to win a Championship? Find Micah a job in your city.

*I've got no idea how many people were lining the streets of Boston. A bunch.

And I stole the image up top from here.


We've got some 'splaining to do.

Been out. And quite busy. Now back. For a minute.

We flew to Alabama last weekend for an engagement party. It really was something special. My mom and sister did a fantastic job with the place and the wares, and my younger brother did all the cooking. I don't have much else to say except it really was wonderful. Then my best man threw us an after party at his place in Athens.

Our plane was supposed to get in at 11:15pm to Providence, RI that Sunday night. But instead it didn't get in until 4:30. Then we drove an hour back to Boston. So we watched the wun come up last Monday.

On Wednesday through Friday I was in NYC for a commercial shoot. Here are a few sneak peeks of the madness. I'll let you know when it is all done up.

Then I surprised Marianna and took her to a cottage in Manomet, MA on the beach for a pre-birthday celebration (in the guest house of a rather well known artist, it turns out)And it was cold. And the beach wasn't very beachy. It was lonely. But we had each other. Dinner in Plymouth and then back to watch the Celtics not win a game 5. But they will be back in Boston tomorrow night to close this thing down.

And our company outing was today at the New Seabury Country Club. Where it was also cold and not very beachy. But we ate enough food for a lifetime.

Finally, I have some work in the Cannes advertising show in France this week. Maybe they'll fly me that way. Doubtful. But keep your fingers crossed.


Mark 211

I remembered a story this morning that I wanted to share.

Six years ago, when I was in New Zealand, I took a class - Marketing 211. It was taught by a passionate Welsh fellow who was, and still is, the best professor I'd ever had. He would call on people at random and pop questions. The discourse was as follows:

Prof: "So Fruehauf trailers failed to complete the equation. What had the left off?"

Looks around the room. Points to my friend Ab.

Ab: "ROI?"

Prof: "Brilliant! And your name was...?"

Ab: "Ab."

Prof: "Yes. Brilliant Ab."

You left feeling special. Every day. Except the one day he ralized that no one had read the course material. No one could answer questions. He just walked out. I've never felt so much like I've let a person down in my life.

Anyways. I had to fly home early from NZ to work at a camp in Colorado. It was one of those things where exams lasted 3 weeks, and I'd have to leave a few days early. And or course my Mark 211 exam was on one of those days.

So I had to find a statesside proctor and have my exam shipped via certified global mail. It was quite an ordeal. But turns out there was a seminary on the grounds of the camp that I was working at, and there was a professor who would sit there with me while I took the exam.

I'd had a week home to study for it, but didn't do much studying, as I was meeting new people and doing new things in the mountains back in the US. So I go to the seminary on exam day and am given the test. For three hours I wrote and wrote.

The proctor kept looking up and me and then going back into his Bible to pour over the complexities of God's work and Greek translations and the like.

And the end of those three hours, I turned my test in. The professor could only respond with "Wow." I thought it was weird, but I had written about 30 pages by the time it was all said and done. So I figured the response was warranted.

"How did you get all that out of that one verse?" he asked.

"Excuse me?"

"Mark 2:11. How on earth did you write this much about that verse?"

I realized the course name to a seminary professor was an entirely different thing.

When I got back to my cabin, I got out a Bible and looked at the verse. I can see why he was blown away by my skills.

Mark 2:11 - "I'm telling you to get up, pick up your cot, and go home!"


Local warming.

This morning as I rode my bike in, at 11:30 (cause our flight from Alabama got in five hours late, at 4:15 in the am), I thought it seemed a bit warm.

And I reckon this is the reason. And remember, readers, that we don't have air conditioners in our houses up here. So it's time to suck it up and rough it for the next few days of the heat wave.

We'll post about Alabama soon.



Might be what we should call our trip to NYC. We didn't do a whole heck of a lot, save two brunches, hang out with an old friend from the Circus, a few Daniels from an up and coming band called Pacific Theater, spy on some people from the sky, a buddy Scott and Milosh.

We were going to go to a Polo match, but the weather on Saturday was crummy. So we didn't make it out to there.

Thanks for the wonderful weekend, gentlemen.