Those Devils.

Last night I skipped out on Bible study to go watch the Sox lose to the Angels. For the second night in a row. Not that I was there two nights in a row. Just that we've been beaten. I think we've dropped the last seven or something to the Angels. (And I'm pretty sure the post of the game Marianna and I went to was a loss to those devils, as well.)

I went with my buddy Rob who is a pastor here in town, and who gets married the week after we do. And because of his pastoral status, he gets standing room tickets at half price.

Meaning I only paid ten bucks to watch an almost no hitter thrown against us (it was a no hitter until the bottom of the 9th).


Staining the Blogosphere.

Another weekend marked off the calendar. That means one week closer to winter. One week closer to football season. And one weekend closer to our wedding. Sweet. Ness.

We built and stained an armoire this Saturday. Mainly cause we don't have a closet in our bedroom. We bought one from Ikea that was unfinished pine - we set out to finish it. I popped open the stain and went to town. As did Marianna.

And the next day I found out that I was supposed to stir the stuff up first. Day #1 we had a brown one. Day #2, a red one. Which is good. Cause we were going for more red.

Oh, and I'm leaving my job. I'm going to a place across the river called Toth. They do a lot of fashion advertising. I think it's going to be a good fit. We'll know soon.

And there probably won't be many good posts anytime soon. Cause we are getting super caught up in the hurricane that is a union.

We'll talk soon though. Promise.



My older brother came into town on Friday morning. At which point I promptly wore he and myself both out.

It was one of those perfect storms: 90 something temperatures, high humidity, no ball caps, sun burn, Bunker Hill monuments (20 stories of stairs), "We'll stop when we get to this point" becoming "Well, that wasn't so bad, let's keep pushing", 6.8 miles of walking for the first push (the Freedom Trail, to my workplace, to Fenway [and Boston Beer Works Watermelon Ale]),

1 mile back to my place, then another mile and something to dinner, and fro dinner (Border Cafe, of course) bleeding ankles, Mario Kart.

Saturday we got up, hit the Neighborhood for some brunch,

went to Harpoon for a tasting, watched Wall•E at the cinema, and then grilled out some amazing steaks.

He had to take back off this morning to his base up in Maine.

It was really the first time that we've hung out. And it was a blast.



This morning on my ride in I saw a truck that said DEATHWISH on the front. In all caps. It was yelling at me.

I thought "What a lame band that is."

When I passed by the side and looked at the door, I was blown away.

Deathwish Piano Movers.

What an amazing company name. I won't remember Billy's Piano Movers or GH Piano Relocation or some other nonstandoutish name like that, but I will never, for as long as I live, forget Deathwish.



Now for camping.

So, we went camping last weekend - Friday and Saturday nights. We went to the Harbor islands, which, incidentally, are in Boston Harbor. The beginning of these camping trips always starts out with some urban hiking. Or, more specifically, 2 hours of mass transit usage - bus to subway to subway to ferry to intra-island ferry.

Micah's friend has a friend who is a ranger on the islands. And looky who was on the dock - a dread-locked friend of a friend. His name turned out to be Nate. And he was super nice.

We set up camp and then walked around the island and sat on the beach and read read read. Then we made a fire on the beach, cooked some chili, made some s'mores and then headed to the tent for sleeping.

The next day we got up and made a little breakfast. We went on a wild edibles tour which was kinda interesting - although there weren't many edibles. Mostly a few raspberries.

After that we signed up for a kayaking tour. Before we left though, the ferry pulled up with our friends who were meeting us out there - Heather and Rob soon-to-be-Glass. They're getting married the week after us. It's a camping trip of fiancees.

We tried to sit on the beach, but it was super windy and overcast, so we retreated into the island some and played cards - a bunch of rounds of spades. Heather and Micah edged me and Rob out, by 3 points. It was so super close!

After that we sat on the beach some, made a fire, cooked chili, made s'mores and watched the fire. Then we hit the sleeping bags.

The next morning Rob made everyone pancakes which were yummy. Then we packed up camp and waited for the ferry to get us. We sat on the now-sunny beach while we waited and some people swam. Although I hear it was chilly.

Then it was the time for the reverse-urban-hiking commute.


Yeah. I know you are wondering.

We did, indeed, celebrate the 4th. Which was like two weeks ago...and no posts.

We've just been so dang busy with wedding stuff that we feel like chumps.

Forgive us.


We've been meaning to blog.


You'd think we were trying to plan a wedding.

A great friend [Jen] from Atlanta (now in Carolina Beach) came up with a great friend of hers [Josie] from Boston (now in Atlanta and hoping to go to Carolina Beach) two weekends ago. And we did nothing but hang out. We went to Singing Beach at Manchester-By-The-Sea. It was such a glorious time. Just took the train up 45 minutes then walked half an hour then applied sunscreen and then laid in the sun then got in the water then froze then speaking of froze ate icecream. And we did a lot of other things that weekend. But I've forgotten. It was such fun.

Then, this past Sunday was Marianna's birthday. I teamed up with a guy from our church whose wife's birthday it also was and threw a small surprise party. But before that we went to the Harpoon Brewery and played dominoes [shout out to Ian + Lori from days or Yore]. Well, that was the night before. My order is all messed up.

What I Just Remembered

I started another blog.

"But why? This one is just soooo amazing."

Well, here's why:

I was sitting around last week.

I had a memory come to my mind. Which, at times, I've been known to have. I'm not peculiar in this way. All kinds of people remember stuff.

But then we forget. And the great machine called our brain logs it away. And then in another 12 years it will yet again come to the fore. With less clarity than the first time. Our RAM, it seems, can't run all of our memories at the same time.

That's what I plan to accomplish with this blog. A 100% true to memory chronology of things that no one else cares about.

Away we go.