We're back.

Wedding pictures are up.

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Olympic food, homegrown food.

Last night we kicked off the world's greatest sporting event the only way we know how: by eating Chinese food.

Marianna has been so excited about the games for so long, and now they are finally here. And our DVR is going to be full by the time we get back from the wedding. For sure.

Update: remember the post about planting a garden in May?

Well, that guy has gone insane.

Two nights ago we harvested a cucumber. Like a full grown, fat daddy cuc. And we've gotten a lot of herbs for different things. The tomatoes are coming in slowly but surely. But, since I'm new to this, I didn't know until today that I was supposed to prune them so all the energy goes to the fruit. I was just stoked that there were leaves in my back yard.

A little basil to freeze for the winter.

I also got a compost bin a few weeks back. It's pretty great to take organic waste and drop it in a container and get super rich soil. Next year our garden is going to go off the chains.
Marianna has also been adding her touch to the place since she moved in last week. Like taking flowers from our yard and making our house smile.

And lastly, a little sneak peek of what the next couple of days hold. You know, since I quit my job and don't have anything to do: