The gift that keeps on giving.

Remember this post?

Well, I found another picture online of my favorite shirt. And it includes a cute puppy.


Rainy day.

Marianna is out shopping today. And since I'm in New England, a land that doesn't care about college football at all, I'm watching the Ole Miss Florida game on ESPN360.com. Which is a total Godsend.

The score, on the other hand, is not so hot at this point.

I'm actually surprised at the quality of the feed. Never thought I'd be watching a game on the computer. Nor did I think I'd be taking fairly decent pictures with a computer phone.

The robots are coming.


Alma Mater.

If there were ever a time where I wish I was at Ole Miss – dealing with the plastic sorority shorts, floppy bangs, huge trucks with mud tires, hunter's camo, "Heeeeeeaaaaaaayyyy y'all!", questionable mascots, struggling football programs, misspelled adjectives in names, chicken on a stick, warm beer, hating LSU, humidity, zero recycling, awful parking, Faulker lore, From Dixie with Love, and red staters – it's tonight.

Hotty Toddy.

We had several folks over to watch the debate. And we all couldn't figure it out: why can't McCain even look at Obama? He didn't look over one time.


Banking crisis.

3:42 pm.
Corporate offices of Cambridge Savings Bank.

"Gentlemen, in these trying economic times, we need to show young people the importance of relying on themselves. On making a future independent of our broken Social Security system and busted loan process.

"We need them to open checking accounts.

"That said, we need to come up with a name. Something catchy. Something edgy. Something that says 'College Checking Account."

"How about 'keg checking?'"

"Frat party duplicate checking?"

"Check crawl?"

"No no. Something less overt. More cultish. Maybe like 'Rocky Horror Picture Check?'"

"George, I think you are on to something..."

Sox game with real life Pete action!

Last night was the last of the Sox / Indians games. The Sox clinched a playoff berth the night before, so the place was slightly less rocking then the previous. Although, with all the college kiddies back in town, there was plenty of action out in the bleacher seats. All star comment of the night? Right behind us:

'Dude, quit being so drunk.'

Second All Star quote was on the Subway on the way there: 'Toronto wants to chill tonight.' What does that even mean?

There was a extra free ticket, so our good buddy Pete came out. Talk about a game time decision.

'Pete, I've got a free ticket. What are you doing tonight?'

'Buying you a hot dog.'


Hub on Wheels.

This morning we rode in the Hub on Wheels.

All I can say is Marianna did 36 miles, I did 56, and 5,000 other riders did at least 10.

All before 1pm.

Cleaning House.

Things in Boston are really starting to come together for our abode.

We've spent the last two months sifting through stuff trying to figure out what to keep, what we've got room for, what we've been holding onto for so long to realize we are never going to need it. 8 salt and peppers shakers? Check. A million promotional tote bags? Check check.

SO that meant that we had a mega Yard Sale yesterday. Dare I say it was the most organized / best art directed yard sale of all time? And that wasn't from us, but from all the cool kids who swung by just to tell us we had the best posters they'd ever seen. A sampling:

'Did you hire an outside consultancy for your sale?'

'We were just going to get coffee, and then walked three blocks out of our way because we saw your sign.'

'One of you has to be a designer.'

We kept a list of times and events for a minute.

7:45 - Old people in a van are stalking us. The gate isn't open yet.

8:00 - Old people buy a clothes hamper, 8:22 - Hipsters buy a pillow, 8:47 - Man buys all Marianna's old jewlery, which is weird, cause he is a man...

Between 8 and 9, five of five people who come in buy something. Conversion rate at an all-time high.

9:17 - An alarm clock is sold for $3, 9:45 - Sale one knife and a sharpener, plus some little crap things.

The 9 to 10 conversion rate is at an all-time low. 2 of 7 people buy. We begin to second guess our rummage sale prowess.

10:02 - The whole neighborhood wakes up, 10:07 - Things get out of control. Crowds attract crowds. From 10 until noon we make like $125 bucks. Maybe $175. It's a party.

12:00 - 2:00 - A few more miscellaneous sales take place. We decide to turn away a 12 year old who wants to just buy one knife. After little debate, we decide $2 isn't worth the hell we'll pay if his parents realize we sold him a huge - albeit dull - blade.

At two we pack up the car and take a load to Goodwill.

We grab a victory dinner and drinks with the Kays later on. Hooray.


My brother the Chief.

First things first. Last week some fiends came over to play some games. And they brought us over a cookie cake. Which was eally nice. Nothing was missing fom the top. Not a thing. We ae just glad to be celebating our maiage with some good folks.

And now for the Maine event.

No pun there. I went to Maine, for an event. It was my brother becoming a Chief in the Navy. Which is a huge deal - one that I did not recognize - and I think he is the youngest person ever to become a Chief. And if not that, it still is a really big deal.

I found out now he gets to wear brown shoes, a new uniform (no more blazing whites), an anchor pin, eats in a different mess hall and doesn't have to take no crap from nobody.

Cept all those senior Chiefs. But whatever.

I was able to see my dad, brother, three grandparents, sister in law and her folks. Quite a turnout to come all the way up from Alabama and Florida for the deal.

Proud of you, Breshen.

(Click the above image to view bigger.)


Date Night -or- How the Incans ruined beer.

We've decided that Wednesday is date night. And, as of now, we've decided that date night can consist of trying a new place every week, since there are 389 places we've not been to eat in Boston. And within 6 years, if we are still here, and have tried every place, we'll pick our favorites.

And since we've been back three weeks, we've had three dinners.

(The picture above from my good friend David Salafia.)

Week 1 was Charlie's Kitchen in Harvard Square. They've got a beer garden that was packed out (and to my knowledge it's the only beer garden in Boston.) The food was decent and the beers were huge. So it gets a + in my book.

Week 2 was Jacob Wirth's in Boston. It was amazing. Food was great (!) and the beer selection was quite extensive. It's also been around for like 300 years and has some amazing - legit - decor. That's like a ++. And hold me to it, Ian, or whomever comes up here and wants to try something new. They have a beer and German food tasting menu. It's like 5 courses. Done.

And then last night we went to Manchu Picchu in Union Square in Somerville. The food was a wash. I had something called Ceviche de Camarones y Rocotto. Which means lots of cold spicy fish. (Had I known what Rocoto was, I would have been up on my knowledge.) And I tried chica de jora, which is beer made from maize. And while it wasn't the worst thing I've ever drank, there was a serious smell / taste mismatch going on. It smelled sour and tasted quite thickly sweet. Which was a little too much for me. I'm leaving my Manchu Picchu rating at neutral. But I hear their takout plce has the best chicken sandwich of all time, so I'm at least going to give that a go.

There you have it. Take that, Zagat.


Blog train.

Man. Once you fall off of it, it's too hard to get back on.

We've been out, of course, on the wedding and honeymoon. Then, we got back and our kitchen was being renovated, and took a week longer than expected. And I started a new job. Before we left for the wedding, we painted two rooms. This past Saturday we painted the kitchen. So it has been a bit wild and crazy, but you - our three readers - expected nothing less.

I'm going to steal. Read a fun account of the wedding here. It's Ian and Lori's blog. And they did a fine job of talking about the wedding.

Here are some honeymoon pictures.

(View the one above big. It's nice.)

And now, a couple'a before and after painting pictures.

Soon we'll update you on the kitchen, college football season and the first month of marriage.

Welcome back.