New Digs.

Micah has been slacking.

I've not shown you my new office building or nothing. Until now.

At this point I'm across the river. And I can see Arnold my stoop. It's the third tallest building in this picture. Sometimes I go outside and wave and hope my wife can see me. But she's prolly too busy working.

So there you have it.



Last night was date night. And as we'd run out of money to go out to eat (in large part thanks to the amazing feasting in CT last weekend) we tightened our belts, made a frozen pizza, sharpened our knives, and carved up some punkins.

As you can see, Marianna went with a ghoulish window with ghosts haunting the panes. I chose to make my pumpkin the Spirit of Pork Barrel Spending.

And, as usual, my neighborhood is crazy. and maybe slightly haunted.


I just ripped a hole in the universe and other musings.

On a microwave, 100 and 60 equal the same thing. One minute of nuking time. Think about it.

My old email address is now Marianna's current email address. So, if you have my name in your address book and you send me an email, technically, it still gets to me, even though I am not there. The whole two becoming one thing. Mind blowing.

Speaking of nukes, Blogston, Mass is proud to toss into the hat our official endorsement for the presidential election. Those visitors who frequent the blog have undoubtedly noticed our left leaning ideals and Massachusetts liberal bias. And even though I am a Christian, one who believes in JC and the trinity and caring for widows and orphans and the whole bit, I can't stomach those people who think that the Republican party is God's party. To think that is to belittle a Creator who is far above party politics. I think there are admirable ideals to both parties, but I skew left. And I skew hopeful. And I believe that Barack Obama would make a fine president.

See you at the poles on Tuesday.


Get me a band-aid, cause I'm CT.

I don't even know what that means. Whatever.

We went to Connecticut this weekend and hung out with some of my friends from Atlanta. The Moffits. I worked with John at Patagonia, and divine providence brought he and his lovely wife up for the next several years. Which is great. Cause we are going to get to snowboard a bunch. Can't wait.

I left my camera at home, by the way, so I've stolen a bunch of images and broken copyrights and all kinds of other stuff. I'll admit it. I'm a two cent honest thief.

We drove over Friday night and and grabbed this year's best burger at Plan B in West Hartford. Then we had the pleasure of breaking in the new futon. Big burgers help one sleep well, so I was not phased by the couch. I was out.

The next morning we grabbed some brunch at the Quaker Diner, which lives in an old trolly car. Kinda rad. Moreso rad was the fact that brunch was under $20 bucks. Which we haven't seen in over a year in Boston.

Then we drove. Saw the largest tree in the state of Connecticut.

Saw a tower, and then decided we'd hike up to it. It was a really nice day for a hike, even though it kept spitting and threatening us with rain. Come to find out this tower is a pretty big deal and was owned by some guy who peddled booze and A1 Steak Sauce. No lie.

After coming back down (which ended up being a 2.5 mile hike round trip) we hit up a farm / winery around the corner.

Did a little tasting, ate a cider doughnut, called it a day. Spent the rest of the afternoon waiting on a noe'eastern to blow through whilst watching college football (!). In which UConn (John's grad school where he is blowing up atoms), Ole Miss and UNC all won.

Woke up Sunday and then SURPRISE brunch again. This time it was the Elbow Room on the roofdeck.

It was glorious and sunny and somewhat warm (high 50s?). Then we drove through Hartford and saw the sites. Like poverty and Mark Twain's house.

It was one of those great trips where you don't do much of anything but catch up and eat and drink and enjoy some fellowship.

Drove back through the 'countryside.'

Thanks, friends, for a great weekend.

Wassup 2008


Sushi Shake-it.

Last night was Date Night.

So we went and had sushi and it wasn't very good and it wasn't too bad but it was just what I expected for eighteen pieces for thirteen dollars and the chicken teryaki looked like the chicken came from a box and was squished and the place had nary a person in there when we walked in but the staff outnumbered us eight to two - or four to one - and I felt bad and thought they might shut down but then realized that if they wanted to keep their doors open they should 1) make sure the sign is turned on outside and 2) make the sushi better.

And I just found an application that will take your digital picture and make them in Polaroids. Wow.


No clever title. Just an amazing weathered fall weekend in which we hang with friends and all my teams lose.

That really sums it up. It's starting to really feel like fall (read: winter). Woke up Saturday and made some pancakes and baked apples, watched a half of the Ole Miss game (the half in which they were getting badly beaten), went to the BC/VT game, heard about the half in which Ole Miss didn't get badly beaten, but enough to actually get beat.

Then yesterday went to the Head of the Charles regatta after church then had a dozen people over to the house to watch the Red Sox end their season.

All things considered, though, it was an amazing weekend.


I forget.

Some days I have to stop and take a moment and remember how great my daily views are.

Sometimes we need to stop and watch the leaves change.



On this Tuesday morning, I'm sitting here having a glass of apple cider, thinking about our kitchen.

"Why are you having apple cider?" Simple. We went to Milford, Maine this past weekend to see some good friends (Lisa and her fiance, Andrew) from Ole Miss, and picked apples. And also picked up a gallon of cider.

"Fine, then. Why the heck are you thinking about your kitchen?" Easy there cowboy. No need to get all uppity about it. I'm thinking about the kitchen because we just finished the two month renovation.









"But you rent...why do you care about the kitchen?" The invitation to take us up on the guest bed? NO longer. This is my blog. You don't disrespect me on my blog.


Formal Friday.

Advertising, as you know, is filled with people who dress like children. It is no longer the Mad Men look. At one point, the be the best dressed in the one meant one had either 1) the most creativity or 2) the most money. And the folks in advertising don't have the most money. So, the guys started dressing all creative, showing the world that they could think in blue jeans and draw in t-shirts.

I know a guy, a British guy, who works in advertising. And every Friday he rebels against the establishment. Every Friday, he dressed like an adult. Inspired by his move, I have begun to do the same.

A few weeks ago, I thought doing this would make everyone think 'I bet he's well off. I bet he is a banker. Or a stockbroker.' And now, I bet they think 'He's screwed. I bet he is a banker. Or a stockbroker.'

Circus Week

So, last week we had the awesome opportunity to go to not one but two circuses. It was pretty super fun. It started with buying tickets to Cirque du Soleil a while back. And then Micah found half price Ringling Brothers tickets. Catch was, they were on consecutive nights. But we decided we didn't care. So off we went.

First up was Ringling Brothers. It brought back memories...like remember those light-up toys everyone had...and those plastic clown-shaped snow cone cups...and when they brought audience members down to the floor to ride around in a parade (I always wanted to be in one of those). It was fun. Smaller than I remembered, but I guess that's what happens when you're an adult at the circus. I particularly loved the elephants. And the tiger tamer made me nervous. Not as good as Gunther Gable Williams, the one that was around when I was a kid, and my dad's favorite part of the circus.

Then on Friday we went to Cirque du Soleil. Which was awesome. The set and performers are amazing as always. It's cool that they all have a plot along with the performances. Micah hadn't been before and he really enjoyed it. And was really nervous about the performers falling off the 'ring of death.' It's cool that it's still held in a tent. A really giant tent, but a blue and yellow tent none the less.

Very fun and different activities for the week :)