How can that many smart people be that dumb?

That was my question of how 32,000 of the people who run, will run or have run our entire country - in all aspect of political and economic life - could hang out in 20 degree temperatures with windchills near zero to watch a glorified high school football game?

Whatever the answer, all those people and our ragtag group of non ivy leaguers (but some close ones, with UNC,Cornell, Wesleyan and Amherst) battled the cold the Cold THE COLD to watch the 125th playing of The Game in which Harvard shut out Yale, 10-0, to grab a share of the Ivy League title.

After five of the coldest the Coldest THE COLDEST hours I've ever experienced of college football, we came back to the house to watch Ole Miss beat those Bayou Tigers and make it into the Top 25 Rankings for the first time in five years.

Hotty Toddy! Which we had a few of to fight off the New England chill.


Something's Bruin.

And that something was points. Or lack of defense.

We made it to the Bruins game on Wednesday night (courtesy of free box seats from Arnold) and within the first six minutes of the first period there were seven points on the board. And by the end of that period, there were two fights.

Now, as far as non playoff hockey goes, that's about as fun as it gets.

So yeah, we kinda ended up bailing on date night this week, but it was worth it.

Next up, Harvard / Yale, hot toddies, and my buddy Mitchell coming in from Philly this weekend.


What the Magnolia?

I hate LSU. It's no big surprise. Their fans are tacky, colors obnoxious, and for the last 6 meetings they've beat us. Granted, 3 of those were by 3 points, and during that time they've won two national championships. Which makes me like them less.

Turns out, now we've got an official Bowl title for the game. The Magnolia Bowl. Fitting as both schools have a magnolia as the state flower. But I don't know that I'm down with it. Battle for a Golden Egg (as with Mississippi State), or Bunyan's Trophy or The Boot or whatever. But I don't know about making 20% of your regular season games bowls.

Saturday I'll be at the house, with friends, drinking hot toddies (if I can figure out what they are) and cursing the cajuns. But I don't really care who leaves with a bronze magnolia. I just want to leave with a W.


More Christ. More love. Less need. Less crap.

Advent Conspiracy Intro - 2008 from Robert Terrell on Vimeo.

We are about to start this series at church this upcoming Sunday. I think it's a message that more people need to hear around this time of year.

Yeah, our economy sucks. And people need to buy things to grow it. But that's from a capital gains standpoint.

There is more to being on this earth than 'Made in China' stamped on a sweater.

Guess who are getting fewer gifts this year?


Whip It Good

Got this in the mail from my Pops. And I laughed.


The clouds have arrived

Winter is starting to set in. Even though it's a month away. And what better time to lock oneself in a venue and watch a band called Cloud Cult?

Never. There is never a better time.

So that's where we'll be tonight. Come on and see them with us.


BIrthday Boy.

It was yesterday. No. Two days ago. I had a confetti balloon candy 'splosion on my desk when I came in. See some in the picture there.

Marianna and I went out to a birthday dinner at the Pho Republic in the South End. I had Tuna steak, she - skirt steak.

Various other thoughts, as nothing has happened around here much.
1) Bomb threats. My building has gotten three or four threats over the past week. It's interesting to think of how different our world is from a few years ago. I remember my brother getting bomb threats in high school, and thinking they seemed fun. A little exciting. Cause in 94, no one had any plans to blow anything up. Now it seems they might.
2) New President. I'm excited.
3) Technology has lowered our stands while increasing them at the same time. Prime examples: iPhone - the quality of the pictures on the blog have dropped; YouTube - we sit huddled around 2.5 inches of awful resolution to see the latest funny bits.
4) Bowling. Depending on this weekend, Ole Miss stands to go to a bowl game. If we don't get it done, there are two more games. Hopefully we can get to 6. One of the more interesting prognostications have us meeting UNC in the Peach Bowl in Atlanta. Which I think it a good trial for any marriage.
5) Cold. It's here now. Deal with it.
6) Wet shave. It was good enough for FDR, Cary Grant, John Wayne and Abraham Lincoln (every now and then). I'm trying to go old school to limit the amount of waste I put into landfills. The Mach X has too many parts and costs too much. So I bought a straight razor which I'm a little scared to use right now, but I'm getting a safety razor and going to work my way up. Marianna got me a badger hair shave brush for my birthday. Which makes our bathroom and my face smell like wet badger. We're talking old school.
7) Fame. I made it onto Boston.com.



We did. It took an hour. It will affect us at least four years.

We've been blessed to live in a country where we have the choice. And even if we disagree on who to support, we all agree that we should separate ourselves from apathy and make our voice heard.

Voting is open in 44 states. I am driving to New Hampshire in a bit to get the vote out there.

This is exciting.