January Musings.

Number of things:

1: Went to Stowe last weekend for a little boarding. Drove 4 hours up Friday night, 4 hours back Saturday evening. By myself. Well, a book on tape was involved.

2: Flew to LA on Monday, back on Tuesday. Book on tape was also involved in this incident.

3: If you drop your iPhone, and tell them at the Apple store in California that you dropped it, they will tell you not to say that. If, then, you say you got off the plane and your phone just wouldn't work any longer, they will give you a free one. And type something about pressurization in the report.

4: My wife has boycotted blog postings.

5: Bike lanes are, and have been for a month, choked with snow. It feels like a real winter.

6: My eyelid has been twitching for a week now. I read here that it might be stress related. I think I and the rest of the world are all stressed about staying employed. Except for eyelid doctors: their business is booming.

7: I forgot the SuperBowl was this coming Sunday. As did the rest of Boston. It's usually a homecoming game.

8: Boston magazine put out their list of the 50 best restaurants. We are going to attempt to get to the lion's share of them. Just cause we like a challenge. We went Wednesday to #35 and have a big valentine's evening planned: #31.

9: Can you believe, in this day and age, that there is only one black member of the Senate? I keep hearing things to that effect and had to look it up. And it's true. Mind boggling.

10: My eye is twitching.


President Barack Obama.

Productivity at an all time low.

Optimism much higher.

I'm going to get less done today than in the NCAA basketball tourney. Now the second best excuse for streaming web video.


Winter wonderland.

More snow this weekend.

It just doesn't get old.


Colder than a polar bear's toenail.

I'm dictating this post to a scribe, who is writing it down. The scribe, in turn, is faxing the text to a typehouse in Sri Lanka to turn digital. I'm doing this because my hands and feet have seized up in small part to my bike ride in this morning, and in large part because of the lack of positive temperature readings.

I can practically hear the naysayers of global warming typing on their conservative blogs this morning, trying to prove that once and for all the scientists are full of it, SUVs should increase in value and suburbia is best for the developing world.

Two reasons why I can't actually hear that naysayers: a) my ears are frozen and b) there are no conservatives within earshot.

Lunchtime update:
Walked to the river and took this. No river any longer. Ice skating rink.


I lack action shots.

Well, we did get that snow. And that cold. And we went Sunday night 50 miles west to hit the slopes of the wild wicked Wachusett. Honestly, considering its proximity and price, it's a great place to spend a night.

The thing is, I was so caught up in the powder that I failed to take any action shots.

I bet you think we are lying. That we just sat around and moped and played Rummikub. You'd be wrong if that is your persuasion. We were out there getting gnarly. Marianna breaking in her new boots and me breaking my new board. For some reason I can't get my binding hardware to stay tight. Anyone out there have some suggestion other than Locktite?

So that's that. Nothing else going on except for freezing our bodies in this single digit temperature week. Which I hear Alabama has as well.

Got a picture in from the evening. Nicely.


Waiting on Snow.

Supposed to get another 10 inches or so over the evening into tomorrow.

In the meantime, we cook breakfast and lunch (hello comfort foods), organize the file cabinet, and iron.

Tonight on to a friend's house in the South End to watch the Panthers and Cardinals. Tomorrow, hopefully, to the mountain to take advantage of all the new powder.


National Champions.

Last night we went to Southie to watch the National Championship game between the Sooners and Gators. The outcome proves that the SEC is superior. Not that it was ever in question. What was in question is who should have played in the game.

In midst of all this "BCS is still totally screwed up" talk, let me offer my two cents.

Ole Miss are the National Champions.

Simple as that. Because clearly you don't need to have a perfect record to be declared that. Just ask the 13-0 Utes. Who sit in Number 2.

There was a lot of debate of who should have gone to the title game from the Big XII, due to the vicious cycle of each team at the top having one loss to another. Since Texas lost to Texas Tech who lost to Oklahoma who lost to Texas... Well, one team broke that cycle. Ole Miss. They beat Tech, who beat Texas, who beat Oklahoma.

And Florida only had one loss on the year as well. To Ole Miss.

So either way you slice it, we beat the teams who were at the top. Transitive Property of geometry: #1 baby, #1.

Alas, we'll gladly take the #14 ranking they doled out for us.

Good on you, Houston Dale Nutt Jr.


Two slums up.

Lame title. I know. But the pun master can't be stopped.

Last night we had a okay dinner and saw an amazing movie – Slumdog Millionaire. If it is playing at your local art cinema, go see it.

And it is nice to get back into a routine after two weeks of 'vacation.' Hosting family and then hanging out with a dozen friends in an enclosed location might seem like a walk in the park. Up until you do it. It was fun. But getting some sleep and lazing around is pretty nice now.

Tonight is the BCS national championship game. The SEC is going to destroy. More acronyms, please.


A new year.

Hi friends.

This marks the third year that Blogston has been in operation. But we've only been here a year and a half. Must be that time value of money thing again.

We took a little tip up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire with a dozen friends for the holiday. Of course, if it is Micah driving up to the mountains, snow must must must be involved on at least one end of the drive. New Year's Eve was that end. We got pummeled with 6" during the day, so our 1:30 shove off was pushed back due to white out conditions and we finally hit the road just shy of 5:00.

And while the drive up was a little hairy, it was nothing compared to the great Jay Peak Ice Storm of 2008. We made it to the cabin at 9:30 pm.

The cabin was nice. But nice in that "There is no way any family could actually live here" kind of way. Zero sound insulation in this place. The floor to the upstairs sat directly on the rafters. Pen drop? You hear it. Someone in the bathroom? Yep. I think this is the way the Real World should be set up. There is no way to avoid knowing what everyone is doing at all times.

New Years Day was spent recovering and coming up with resolutions. I've got mine here. We had a master dinner made by Kelly Early. Family style. Like the olden days.

Day after that we went skiing. And boarding. The morning on the mountain was nice. The afternoon was like being on a glacier. Like there was blue ice everywhere. Around every corner. Some area is steep? Then of course there will be no snow there. You got up that mountain, pretty boy, let's see you get down.

We made it to the cabin in time to watch Ole Miss destroy Texas Tech. Only caught the 4th quarter, but what a quarter it was.

Saturday we lazed around, watched smutty reality TV, played cards and the went into North Conway for dinner.

Sunday, came back to the real world.

Now it is back to work. Thankful to have jobs, friends and each other. Awwwwwwwww 09.