Theophilus London.

Went and saw this guy last night at Harper's Ferry.

About 15 people showed up. Which bummed me out a little bit, but him a bit more. He rhymed about 7 half songs and then took off.

Don't know if not playing is the way to get well known. Either way, here you go.


Marathon weekend. Pt II.

On Sunday night, we drove up to Manchester-By-The-Sea to stay with our friends the Fischvogts, who are new to Massachusetts (relatively) via North Carolina. We stayed in their wrong season beach house. Caught up on old times.

Monday morning we walked on the beach on looked for treasure. Once again, wrong season to do so. I was actually hoping for snow on the beach, as that is pretty awesome. Where snow and sand are one and in your shoes. But there was just sand and a bit of ice.

Drove on to Rockport after our departure. Stopped by and browsed though the off season fishing village. Imagined why the Perfect Storm was set right around the bend from here. In Gloucester, which we passed through in route.

Finished up the weekend by driving home through the horse country of Essex and Ipswich. Passed a fox hunting club called Myopia.

Thank you Presidents. For your day.

And yes, that is my hat. Just came in. Loves it.


Marathon weekend. Pt I.

This weekend is cupid's domain. And I don't want to get in his way. So a quick blog blurb and then we are outta here.

Last night we went to the South End for So Sweet. Our friends Dan and Kristen each year go to Salem for the So Sweet whatever-it-is-called-maybe-a-festival-or-carnival. This year, something came up, and they coiuldn't go. And since they'd asked us to go along with, we didn't go. Didn't feel that it would be right.

It was made up for last night as we gorged ourselves on chocolate (a lot) and wine (less lot) and played Pictionary and Catch Phrase.

This morning we had breakfast with our buddy-cum-upstairs-neighbor Pete and then went to watch the French film The Class. It's gotten rave reviews the world over; it even won the Palme D'or. Except from our group of three. We gave it a 33%. Perhaps noon on a Saturday isn't the prime time to be a film critic.

More plans and posts to come.


85 Bust.

I ride my bike most every day. Except for those crumbly, snowy, rainy not so good rather gross days. The days where I'd rather be sleeping in. Those days are bus days. (Some of those are foot days, as work is only a mile and a half away. But for the sake of this story, they are bus days.)

And since there are rarely those days, I don't really have to rely on the buses. Which works out well, since the 85 Bus has become my arch nemesis. Observe.

Since my new job takes me a new direction, I had to find a new bus. No longer a 91 or a friendly 69. There is now a CT2 and the 85. The dreaded 85.

One cold crumbly morning three months ago, I walked up to a bus stop, marked for the 85. And waited. The bus was late. No big deal. As it crested the hill, I stepped out onto the street. At which point the bus driver must have thought If he really wanted a ride, he'd already be on my bus. Bus passes. Micah sad. Expletive issued.

Attempt two, a few weeks later. I think Maybe if I move up the street, to the crest of the hill, the driver will see me. Or realize that it's his job to look for people and stop. Wishful thinking. Snow in my face, I walk to work. Later calling the MBTA to tell them their drivers are doing a fine job of driving but making poor of stopping.

Yesterday started out in the 50s but ended up in the low 40s with 900 mile an hour winds by EOD. So I look up the schedule for the CT2 and the 85 bus. The only one departing when I am is the 85. I pack up and head to Kendall Square to take care of it. I don't want to walk.

As I am, no kidding, 35 feet away with two minutes till the bus's departure time, it peels away. Leaving me in it's wake. With an ill suited jacket, a flame burning deep in my chest and a righteous vengeance for that blasted people mover.

The MBTA has already missed out on $5.25 from me. No wonder they are going broke.



You may remember the old design.

Well, that was tossed out the window today when the Recession made me really slow at work.

You like?

Tar Heels.

Don't call tonight. We've got plans.

A beer. A pizza. And some'a this.

I'm starting to hate Duke as much as LSU. Geaux Heels.


Cyber Space and Time Warp Continuims.

Marianna got an email from her mom who'd gotten an email from Marianna three years ago. This was in the email three years ago and in the email today.

This might have been when it all clicked.

Shot by our friend Ian and his wife Lori co stars. Miss those (you) folks.


This is me.

Today, as the snow started falling and the wind started blowing and my lunch break started being spent freezing wishing wishing wishing that my head was covered four minutes before I came back inside and




confirm order

a hat is on it's way.


Saturday the last day in January

We started off the day by making waffles. Well, I should say I started off the day by making waffles. Micah started off the day by making coffee and eating the waffles. I actually made them from scratch. In the past, I usually use Bisquick, but I found a basic buttermilk recipe in one of our cookbooks (a wedding gift from my friend Meredith Brill - thanks!), and it's way better than the Bisquick variety. And not much more labor-intensive either. Yum! We ran errands, then watched a movie with our neighbor and friend, Pete, a UNC backetball game (sorry Wolfpack!) and then headed out to meet one of our friends.

Kelly Early. She's just an amazing person, and a great friend. She moved recently to Beacon Hill into her own place, so some of her friends from way back wanted to celebrate. So we met them all out in Beacon Hill, which is a super cute area of the city. We went to a bar called 21st Amendment, which incidentally is the amendment that revoked prohibition. It was a cool place, and it's literally across the street from the state house.

Anyway, Micah and I were there by ourselves for a bit before Kearly (as we affectionately refer to her as) and her 20 closest friends from home / highschool / misc other places showed up. It was cool to meet her other friends since we usually hang out with Arnold peeps around her. We stayed for a few drinks, Pete came by and we chatted, met some new people, and had a fun night.

Until we left and froze our faces off while trying to hail a cab. Which, on a sidenote, was actually the best cab ride i've ever had up here - seeing as the driver was local, wasn't talking on a cell phone, and knew where he was going without us having to give explicit directions. All-in-all, a fun time.