Taste of Spring -or- How tomorrow is supposed to be cold again

At this precise moment, the house is 78 degrees. Which is fantastic, as this past winter we've paid a lot of cash and upset a lot of Gores burning all our fuel to try and keep our place at 68. But the house is where it is because we set a record today. It was 93 degrees.

This past weekend was also glorious. But we must enjoy it now. Because starting tomorrow, we head back into the 50s. So, about this weekend.

I started Friday night heading to the Somerville Theater to see a movie during the Independent Film Festival. It was about Johnny Cash.

Saturday morning we woke up and headed to clean up the world in honor of Earth Day. I think Boston made a great move making the Charles River cleanup the weekend after Earth Day. And planning the temperature to be near perfect, flawlessly sunny, and completely trashy. You can't can't can't imagine how many packing peanuts and Styrofoam cups end up in a watershed.

After getting burned (me, because Marianna is sensible and won't die of skin cancer) we drove up north of town to Lincoln [okay fine it was west of town] to the Decordova Museum. We saw about an hour's worth of contemporary sculpture. At risk of offending the profession, I'll say we say plenty for the year.

Spring fever hit hard and everyone was out on Saturday night and we got tons of calls and texts but didn't go out with anyone because we are adults and actually we are adults who are over budget for going out this month so instead of have a frosty drink on a patio we played Rummikub. And started a lifetime score book. We figured we'd just make a game of it. Currently, Marianna is in the lead. I've got 60 years to beat her. Unless my sunburn from Saturday cuts it down to 59. And I made fiddleheads that we picked up at a farm out in the country. There are only a few weeks when you can get them before the ferns open up and they are gone. A New England treat. A bland, rare, New England treat indeed.

Sunday we went to the Yankess game. Which was amazing. One of those things I've wanted to do for two years but figured it would never happen but it did and it happened just in time. We saw the Sox sweep the Yankees, a straight steal of home (first time since 94 in Fenway). You've got to watch the clip below:

And that's that. Come visit. We love company in the spring.


Sprung up quick.

Things are really staring to happen. While we are still almost a month away from our ‘safe’ no frost date, it is starting to look and feel more like spring each day. This weekend we are supposed to have four days of almost or above 80 degree days. Yep, that’s right. Weekends in New England last four days.

It’s back to that time of year where the ballpark is packed every night, the river looks amazing, the birds are chirping, the patios are filling up, the pale skin is burning and dealing with the winter is totally worth it.


Marathon Weekend.

This was just one of those spring weekends that started and didn't quit. Until it just quit. Which, at this point, still might be going...

Friday night. We meet up with Pete and Charlotte to get a drink at Drink. Coolest concept for a bar. No menu. No pressure. You say I'd like something with whiskey that tastes like summer or I want to have a drink from the days of yore and the mixologists say You're having a Whatever and you get it and it is just what you want. So much so that you trust them again and then far too many dollars later you leave with a great story.

We then head to the Barking Crab for some dinner and some beers. It was formal Friday, thus the suit on me. And yes, I had a pocket square.

Then we headed to Cambridge for some dancing at the Enormous Room. Which turns out didn't make me feel too keen on Saturday morning.

Which is when Pete and I drove to Watertown to get some dirt for my 4' x 14' raised bed which is going to get crazy in a few months. Stay tuned on that one.

Saturday night we rallied and went to Toad in Cambridge to see a friend's girlfriend bring some folk music on the town. Michelle Lewis, that's who she is.

Sunday night Marianna decided to spice our faces off with some dinner.

Which I reapaid by making her some biscuits on Monday morning. We got the trade off thing going pretty well.

And since it is Patriots' Day that means it is a vaca day and the Boston Marathon. And it also means the Sox smoke the Orioles by 11 runs.

It was the closest finish in the history of the women's race. That's the American right there getting passed with less than a mile to go.

And the men's winner. Also not American.

So many amazing stories of triumph on this day. 26,000+ at last count.


Only five months to go.

And already, my Ole Miss Rebels are getting some serious hype. Front page of ESPN football today.

Top 15 preseason. Some polls have us in the top ten.

Game time.


Digitally taken aback.

Google maps still doesn’t have an overhead zoom for the neighborhood that I grew up in. But they do have a street view.

The house was pink when I lived in it. And it felt more alive. I think it was 10 years ago that it was foreclosed on. We were so ahead of the recession curve.

At any rate, my childhood is now digitized.


The Goode Life in San Fran

We went to San Francisco last Thursday. We found a super deal on Virgin America - we only paid $500 for 2 round-trip tickets which was pretty amazing. We were also pretty excited to be flying on Virgin since we'd hear good things about the airline. The Boston terminal for them was great - only 2 gates and it had its own security check-in. The plane had TVs in all the seats with games and TV and movies. And you ordered your food and drinks from your seat anytime you wanted them. Pretty cool.

We got into San Fran late Thursday night, and Lori and Ian picked us up from the airport. They even came in and ambushed us at the baggage claim. We headed to their place in Mission Hill and stayed up and chatted for a while. Then we crashed.

Ian and Lori worked Friday morning while Micah and I went to see Alcatraz. We'd both been to SF before, but neither of us had gone to tour Alcatraz. So we headed down to pier 33 for our 9:30 ferry time. Alcatraz is pretty cool, and they had an amazing audio tour which taught us all about the prison and about the escape attempts. No one has ever successfully made it to freedom, but there are still 5 unaccounted for (believed drowned in the harbor). One of the attempts included an inmate starving himself and squeezing between some bars he spread and another involved fake wax heads in beds so the guards wouldn't realize they were gone. Weird.

After the tour we took the ferry back. I spent the afternoon with Ashley and Micah spent his with Ian. Ashe and I walked toward her neighborhood, Cow Hollow, and had tasty salads at Pluto. And then we made an even tastier stop at a cupcake shop - yum! We went in a bunch of boutiques and shops which were really cute. We ended up heading back to her apartment and just hanging out for a while which was actually really nice. It was like old times in college, just sitting around and talking. I also finally got to meet Jeff, her fiance, who is super nice.
We all headed out to dinner at SPQR where we met Micah. There was a long wait, so we put our names in and then headed across the street to a wine bar for a drink. SPQR was really great - antipasti, homemade pastas and tasty wine. It was a great meal in great company.

The next day, we had brunch with Lori and Ian at Absinthe. The food was great, and it was a beautiful day. After brunch we went shopping and walked around a little. We played Rock Band and then watched the UNC game (yay!). After that, we went out for some Mexican food which was really good. When we got back, we had game night, a tradition from when we all lived in Durham. We played Whoonu and Bananagrams - very fun.

Sunday we were headed to Napa (another super deal we found on a travel site). We drove to our hotel, The Harvest Inn, and spoke to the concierge there about our 3 free wine tastings. We then went into St Helena and grabbed lunch from a local grocery store deli. The two wine tastings we were doing that day were at the Frank Family Vineyards and at Cuvaison Wines. Neither were very good, whether in hospitality or taste. We took the long way back to the hotel, driving through beautiful wine country - it was warm and sunny. We freshened up at the hotel and made dinner reservations for that night. Then we went to another winery, Merryvale, which was a better experience - tasty wines albeit poor service. After that we headed to an early dinner at Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen. The food was really good, and the dessert...amazing. We all split 2 slices of Campfire Pie - marshmallows, oreos, chocolate, need I say more! We went to the hotel and played dominoes (another tradition for us) and hit the hay.

Monday we had all day since we were taking the red-eye back and weren't leaving until 11pm. We had a relaxing morning at the hotel. We had a scrumptious breakfast and explored the grounds and vineyard at the Inn. Since we didn't have the best winery experiences on Sunday, we decided to hit up one more winery, Cosentino, Lori's favorite. She's a member there and gets free tastings. This one was by-far the best - we had a private tasting with 8 or so wines. They even opened the super-expensive limited-edition wine for us. We ended up buying several bottles of wine and an aerator. Before we left, we hit up Taylor's for burgers and milkshakes.
On the way home we made a quick stop in Muir Woods to see the redwood trees. They were really amazing, huge and beautiful. We got back to the Goode home and were exhausted. But we still watched the whole UNC National Championship game. Hooray! Go Heels! After all that, we finally headed to the airport for our flight home and hoped that we could get some rest on the plane.
The trip was a great one. Great to see friends and fun sights. Great to learn new things and taste great food. Great to just relax some and enjoy the warm(er) weather.


Design that moves.

I see these trucks a lot around town. And next to Deathwish Piano movers, these guys are my second favorite company car. I love the old circus colors and typography.

On a bummer alert note, I hope they are next door a bunch because they are moving those people to fancier offices and not moving their laid off belongings to the landfill. There was a fleet of them out there today.


We've had some work done.

So our wedding photographer wanted to do a little warming up in the off season. He's going to start shooting in Boston, and he needed some folks to work with. So we hooked up with him one cold dreary afternoon (aren't they all in March?), with plenty of elbow patches and hit Beacon Hill and Boston Common for a photo session.

Oh, and if you are getting married, go with Ken Luallen. He's great.