Good for something.

That rain undid a little something that my lack of watering did do. Which was stunt my plants.

Now, on day 51, I got some good stuff going on above the soil. And hopefully just as good stuff is going on below it, too.

Now I just have to learn what to pick and how to cook it.


Green thumb(nails).

Well, all that gloom and rain has made the garden a bit greener. And hopefully a bit wormier.

I planted some extra carrots and cucumbers last week. At some point I planted more okra. I should really keep a journal.

Garden, day 45.


Day 1:

Day 17:

Day 45:



Maybe this is why I haven't felt inspired to blog about how amazing summer is and how you all are sweating through the muck and all of that.

What a cold, cold June.


Ocean roadtrip.

Daily I think...

Wait, let me start again.

Whenever I think about the fact that we are just a few miles from the ocean it blows me away. Like, in 38 minutes I can walk into the Harbor and if I don't put up a fight I will be at the bottom of the Harbor looking into the face of unfortunate Mob crossers and fish and maybe some rusty cars.

Trick answer. I wouldn't be able to see anything in that polluted, lovable harbor of ours.

Anywho, today for the first time of the season we hopped in the car and set out for an adventure. Drove to Ocean Lawn in Manchester. Long story short, it's a place where there was a palace (designed by the same man who designed the Boston Public Library and Penn Station in NYC) and it burned down or exploded or vanished and all that's left is the footing and about 20 acres of the most remarkable yard right on the ocean that is open to the public if the public decides to get off their couches and walk a mile through the woods. Fortunately for us, the public doesn't do things for fear of ticks and we get the entire estate to ourselves (cept all the others hidden away behind trees or rocks).

The footing is all that is left.

Sitting out by the water in the sun capped off an amazing weekend in which we ended up having a spontaneous brunch with Kat and Pete, we made some bread - homemade, which is one of our new things - we watched a movie, we got some rest, we had some drinks at new friends from North Carolina's house.

Summertime and it's all good.

Brunch Walk compliments of Kat.


Book Club

So. I read. I read a lot. A lot being at least 2 books a month, sometimes 3. Unless it is from the Twilight series and then I read 4 books in 3 weeks.

Because I read a lot and enjoy it, I decided a few months ago to start a book club. Something to get me reading different stuff. A forum to discuss things and think a little more about the books I read. Instead of just devouring them and moving on to the next book.

We started with The History of Love, a sad story made up of a million little details from the past and present telling all about love. Then onto A Thousand Splendid Suns, a tumultuous story set in Afghanistan during the chaos of changing governments showing the lives of the people. And finally, The House at Riverton, a story set at the turn of the century in an English manor highlighting the changing social times and standards.

That was the one we discussed last night. It starts when times are all fancy, with balls and servants and old-school marriage-for-gain arrangements and such. So I decided to host a tea party. The English do like their tea. So I spent the weekend getting ready for the event. I probably bit off more than I could chew though. I mean, I got everything done; it was just a little more intensive than I thought it might be.

We had hot tea, iced tea, lemonade and a little bit of wine thrown in for good measure. I made finger sandwiches: tuna salad, egg salad, bacon delight and of course mint cucumber. No crusts. In little triangles. Wheat or white, your choice.

I was more excited about the desserts though (no surprise there). I decided to make petit fours. With different colored icings. And little flowers on the top. And some with strawberry jelly inside. I took a shortcut and used Sarah Lee pound cake instead of actually baking the cake part. But the icing took plenty of time by itself, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

I also made chocolate-dipped strawberries. But I think I had a bunk recipe because the chocolate never totally hardened like I was expecting. But they were still good.

The most time-consuming thing was actually the mini cupcakes. Even with boxed chocolate cake mix and pre-made butter cream icing, it took forever. Mini cupcakes = a pain in the butt. Do you know how long it takes to fill in 24 little cupcake holes in one pan? And I only had one pan. So they had to cook and cool before I could even put the next round in. Not to mention that without liners in the pan, more than a few fell apart upon trying to remove them. All the more to snack on. So after 3 pan-fulls (= 72 mini cakes!), I was done baking. On to the icing. I luckily decided to invest in a piping bag and tips. I figured that that would be easier than icing each tiny cake with a knife full of icing. And it was. Much neater and I am pretty sure it was a lot faster too.
It was worth it though. Fun times were had. And maybe I found my inner Martha Stewart.