730 days.

Blogston turns two today.

Thanks for the hits.



I just got back from a trip to Alabama for my high school reunion and Atlanta for seeing friends.

This trip corresponded right along with my beer blog which is great because it made me a lot more intentional about getting together with folks that matter to me.

So, other than making it to the Reunion and eating all kinds of good eats in Alabama and going to the ATL aquarium and having the fish tacos that I dream about (which are not at the aquarium...weird) and having beers with folks and some amazing Arnold Palmers with sweet tea vodka on Andy roof I didn't do a whole lot else.

Which was absolutely perfect.



Summer made good.


This year we wanted to take advantage of it by exploring our state. We’ve done a fair bit in Maine. In New Hampshire. In Vermont. In Connecticut. Heck, we’ve even made a point to go to Rhode Island a time or two.

We’d done very little in our state outside of the Boston area. There’s a whole western world, called the Berkshires, that we’d never been. We wanted to see what the hype was all about.

The trip, however, started with a flat. Blair and Maggie, who were going to drive, go to their car that they have to park our in the burbs cause they can’t find an overnight spot in the Back Bay, and find the tire is deflated like the US dollar. (Just kidding. I think the dollar is stagflated.) So Blair powers through an hour of man work that I would have sourced out the AAA and we set sail out West.

Our state in tiny. It’s a little more than 120 miles to New York. One second you have gay marriage, the next you’ve got Lake Placid. Needless to say, it didn’t take us too long to make it to the corner where the museum was.

Mass MOCA. It’s the biggest contemporary art museum in the country. If the art isn’t impressive the space is - I think they are equally tied. There are exhibit halls the size of football fields. There are avant garde videos of people building nothing out of something. There are comics and risqué drawings of zebra clad exhibitionists filming planes dropping bombs on a couple being filmed making out.

And then there’s Sol Lewitt. Read about him. It’s impressive.

After MOCA we head to camp and en route we totally get hosed by a Dairy Hut posing as a Dairy Queen who is single handedly responsible for the obesity epidemic that is taking place in Western Mass (if indeed there is one). The small ice cream was the size of a small horse.

We get to camp and there is a 20% chance of rain which was planned for. What was not planned for was the deluge of rain from 8pm until 4am, that soaked us to our very souls, that rusted my cast iron I forgot when running to the car to hide from the rain, that forced us to eat dinner and socialize in the back of an 97 Explorer for several hours. I nary had a rain jacket. Fortunately, I had an umbrella.

But the next day was beautiful and breakfast was hardy and despite the rain the firewood was dry (under the car) and we drove back and stopped in Historic Deerfield and we had amazing Mexican food in town and we wished the Humphreys goodbye.

They are moving to Napa Valley next month and the next camping adventure will certainly involve more wine.

And we spent Sunday drying out.


Things. July 9th Edition.

Things about the doctor:

1. I think I set a world record day. Longest Time Between a Physical and the Corresponding Bloodwork: 396 days. Yeah, I was directed to go to the lab to get my blood drawn over a year ago. And just got around to it.

2. I have a mild case of Psoriasis or Eczema on my elbows. I think it's called the Silent Killer. Anyway, I'm now legally doping at work.

Things about the office:

1. At least one person is wearing stonewash jeans today.

Things about the internet:

1. I just found this place that makes sick leather goods in Lynnville, TN. Super cool.

Things about New England:

1. It's July 9th, and it's 63 outside and sunny. I love, love, the weather up here.


The 4th

We didn't have any real plans for the holiday weekend. But a week or so ago, my sister decided to come up and visit. So she arrived via Bolt bus on Friday afternoon. We and Micah grabbed lunch at Tavern on the Square where we all tried to be good by eating salads. Mine involved sesame chicken and fried wonton crisp things, so I'm not sure how healthy it really was. After that we just hung out for a while and had dinner before heading to Harvard Square to see The Hangover. Which was pretty funny. Although I think it's gotten talked up so much, I may have been expecting a little bit more. But it was really funny.
Saturday Caroline and I headed into town after a leisurely gluten-free waffle, egg and bacon breakfast. We went by Madewell so I could cash in a birthday gift card and then meandered on down Newbury. It turned out to be a really nice day. Sunny and breezey. Miracle of miracles. We grabbed a coke and sat at a little table outside a deli and watched all the people go by. The afternoon was nice and sunny so we sat out in the back yard for a while and caught up on some reading. We decided to keep it low-key for the evening and cooked steaks on the grill and boiled corn on the cob.

That night we headed down with the masses to the river for the firework display. It was great this year. I always find that there's new firework technology each year no matter where you go. One year it was the loud canon-like blasts with the bright spot in the air. One year it was the huge weeping willow-like bursts that make long trails. This year there seemed to be an abundance of new colors. And some extra-shimmery ones if that's possible. Almost glittery. Very cool. And one of my favorite things. Fireworks that is.

After we walked home, we broke out some sparklers that we had from last year and tried some fun photos in the back yard.


Harty's Wedding

One of my good friends, Ashley Hartmann (aka Harty) got married this past weekend. We met freshman year of college and by senior year we were roommates. One of my other friends (and former roommate) came up for the event. Carrie Konczal (aka Konzi....see a last-name theme here?) stayed with us for a long weekend.

So. Here we go. Thursday night, Ashley and then-fiance Jeff, wanted to meet up for drinks since they were already in town. We met them in town at an Irish bar called Sola. We just stayed for a few drinks, but it was nice to be able to catch up with them before the crazy festivities got started.

Friday I had to work, but Konzi came in later that evening. We picked her up and then headed to grab dinner. We went to the All Star Sandwich Bar around the corner from our house and had some tasty sandwiches and fries. After that we went back home and got ready to meet the wedding crew for drinks in town. We went to Bar 10 in the Westin Hotel which was pretty nice. The wedding party was late coming over from the rehearsal dinner, but it was nice to hang out when everyone got there. We knew a few other guests there from college so it was fun to see what they were up to.

Saturday we all slept in a little and then cooked brunch. Eggs, waffles, bacon, yum! We just sort of hung out and took our time getting ready for the wedding that night. There was a shuttle leaving from the hotel, so we took advantage of that. The wedding was in Hingham which is just south of the city on the coast, so it didn't take too long to get there.

The ceremony was in a small church with a lot of history. It was at the Old Ship Meeting house. Built in 1681 and the last surviving Puritan meeting house in the US.

The reception was at Harty's family dairy farm. It was perfect for the size of the wedding. Barn, grassy area, tent, tractor, the whole shebang. It has been raining ALL month, but it held off for the most part, just a few sprinkles here and there. They served blood orange and regular orange margaritas. The passes hoerdervs were amazing - chicken dumplings, mini slider burgers, asparagus and red pepper crepes...tasty! The main food was great too - cornbread crusted chicken, steak, rissoti. The band was really great - fun dancing all around.

We had a shuttle home which, unfortunately, broke down en route. Still in Hingham. But, on the side of the road none-the-less. Nothing around was open except a 7 Eleven. The guys on the bus were on a mission for beer. Someone else, more sensibly, purchased a dozen Dunkin Donuts. A little snack. And then waiting. And waiting.

The bus company had to send another bus from Boston. So it took a while. In the mean time, one of the guys took control of the PA system and proceeded to keep us all fully entertained with airline speak.