Each week we get closer to fall.

And each week, I'm able to pull more veggies out of our thriving/struggling garden.

I planted all the onion far too clsoe together, and as such, they came out itsy bitsy.

But they are all out of the ground now.

And a sunflower came up. Just one. But it's amazing.

To backtrack, Thursday we wished our dear friend Kay goodbye.

She left Arnold after being there seven years. She going to go back to Maine and then figure things out. She is one of our best friends here and will be greatly missed. We are blessed to have spent so much time with her.

It was fitting that her going away drinks were at the same place I met her the first night I moved to Boston.


Anniversary 08.16.09

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person."
~Mignon McLaughlin

One year. I can't believe it's been a year. It seems like no time and forever all at once.

For our anniversary celebration, we are going to Burlington, VT, but not until Labor Day. So for the actual day, we were pretty laid back.
We exchanged gifts in the morning. Micah surprised me with 10 bottles of our favorite wine, labeled with each of our anniversaries for the first 10 years of our marriage. So we'll open one on our anniversary for the next 10 years.

I gave Micah a piece of art that is a collage of two hearts connected with red thread. The hearts are made from vintage maps - Durham and Boston, for where we met and where we are now.

We went to church in the morning and came back and did stuff around the house. Before we left for our dinner reservations that evening, we opened our first anniversary wine and enjoyed a glass together at home.

We had dinner at Upstairs on the Square in Harvard Square. It was a place with a cool, sort of classic atmosphere - lounge-y with fireplaces for winter. Dinner was pretty good. My favorites were Micah's appetizer - cold golden tomato soup - and my dessert - churros with chocolate dipping sauce. Yum!

On another note, my mom and sister were great and sent us the top-tier of our wedding cake. It involved shipping it overnight with dry-ice to keep it frozen, allegedly. Micah found it on our back porch on its side. So, upon defrosting it and opening it the day before our anniversary, we found that the delivery man must have chucked it onto the porch, since one end was lopsided and broken. But the rest was okay. Since we knew we'd have dessert Sunday night at the restaurant (3-course deal), we decided to eat it the night before. So we sliced it up and tried it. Shockingly, apart from appearances, it was really good. Not dry and tasty chocolate with creamy raspberry filling. The exterior buttercream icing kind of fell apart and stuck to the tinfoil, but it came through WAY better than I expected after a year in deep freeze and shipping.

(before we cut)

This year has been great. We've had great adventures, good talks, countless date nights and big decisions to make together. A lot of people say that the first year is the hardest. If that's the case, we're totally set - ours was amazing. I think the best thing we did for each other was to be intentional and proactive about things - talk through things, put the other person before ourselves and compromise.

Best year of my life. And a start to many more.


Formal Friday.

Today with all new tie bar action.


Look at our backside.

It's been a year since we've been married.

It's also been a year since our kitchen renovation closed up a shady, uninsulated room on the back of our house. There was a door into it, which I'd liken to the door to purgatory. It was a place that wasn't the worst, but at the same time, you just wondered why it was even there. When the door was closed off, there appeared a window. But that window looked into purgatory. Into that little, uninspiring and slightly confusing room.

At any rate, over the past three (hot! hot!) days that room has been removed and we have an extra 18 square feet of patio.

What cracks me up is the one one! window on the back of our house.


Heat wave.

Today is hot.

Yesterday was hot.

Tomorrow is going to be hot.

So we thought we'd go to the beach and cool off yesterday. And cool off we certainly did.

Bonus points if you can spot Marianna and Alison.

Idle hands.

The amount of free time we have correlates directly to the amount of decoration we apply to our apartment and the amount of calories we consume.

Both to mixed results.

*apron made by my stylish sister with mad sewing skillz - pockets, grosgrain ribbon ties, an applique and cuteness.




The Garden Hundred.

Day 1:

Day 45:

Day 100:

One hundred days into our garden and here's what I know:

The Juliette Hybrids are ballers. The corn is blah. The bush beans are good for about half a serving. Onions and carrots are unknown, as they live below the surface. The pole beans die when sprayed by pesticides (not my fault). But they sprout like mad when the soil is hot. Strawberries are little aliens that shoot out sprouts everywhere Bush beans also have vines they shoot out and start using to climb up tomatoes. Kellogg's Breakfast tomatoes don't produce tomatoes for breakfat nor dinner, and the Great Whites are just starting to have fruit.

And mint grows like it was paid to.


Seen any good movies lately?

If you want to feel you've wasted some time, try pulling up your Netflix history, count the number of movies you've seen in four year, and multiply that by 2 hours each.

Which is 720 hours of movies. Or 32 days.

Then, realize you're not getting that month back.


About that time.

The time of year that I dislike the most.

The time when all the students move out or are kicked out and landlords start cleaning out apartments and the streets are littered with debris and trash and I realize how wasteful we are as Americans.

And I'll forget and buy things I don't need and throw out perfectly good things and in a year I'll give pause again, and then forget, again, and keep doing what I do.


Recipe for disaster.

Last night I get a call from Pete upstairs.

Dude, 15 minutes, I'm bringing home tons of food and liquor. It's for a Tyson focus group. You just have to sit around and eat and drink and watch the Sox game and talk about sports, you in?

Of course I'm in.

So for two hours, I mix chicken balls (shaped like balls), chicken wings, macadamia nuts, Chex mix, carrots, hummus, french fries, mozzarella sticks, salad, peanuts, popcorn, barbecue chips and Jack and ginger.

When I crawl into bed, Marianna says You smell like pineapples.

I've uncovered the secret of what's inside that spiked, delicious fruit.



Such a great story about a player who goes to Ole Miss.

The trailer looks a lot better than I thought it would.


We spent over a month looking for an apartment. We didn't need to move, in particular, but as a husband I feel it's my job to always be on the lookout for what would put us in a better situation. That situation, as it pertained to moving, was financial.

We found places that saved us between $500 and -$456 a month.

As we were closing in on the $500 less a month place, Marianna pulled the plug. Zip cord. Parachute deployment, we're bailing, I don't want to move. All of that. It's understandable, as she's moved every year since college and I told her we'd stay put and then as the husband who looks to better his family he looks for options when options aren't asked for. We're out 500 a month. Or, out the five hundred we could have had.

Last week, as I'm doing our budget, I realize that I have budgeted for x number of pay periods when in reality we get y. Guess what?

I found an extra $534 a month.

I think the God works in that way a lot. I call it God Economics. I spend my life trying to plan and get things straight, and when I do, I'm shown I still have it wrong. But someone else is manning the controls, and that is all orchestrated to make me a better person. Or to make us better people.

We had a really productive month of talks, compromises, trail, error, and frustration. Which is what we really needed.

And then were blessed with what we thought we needed.


The lazy hazy dog days of summer.

The days in which you have nothing to do, in particular, so then you find a thing or two to do and then your weekend goes from being completely empty to completely full in a matter of four decisions.

Last weekend: cocktails in the backyard (made from summer fruits){win}, Boston Breakers game{tie}, Red Sox game (Micah){loss}.

This weekend: beach (Marianna), Ra Ra Riot and Passion Pit at city hall plaza (Micah).