Fall Weekenders.

We were quite busy this weekend.

On Friday night, we had dinner with a couple of friends, Chris and Jessie Wallace, who'd flown up for the weekend as a surprise for Chris' 29th birthday. I went to school with Jessie all growing up, and we were pretty good friends, as far as being friends because we don't have an option because there's only one school in our town kinda thing. And over the past year I've been able to sit down with them twice and have dinner and I'd like to think that I'd be friends with them even if I hadn't know half of them by default. They are just nice, fun folks.

Dinner at Giacomo's, an old fall back, and then drinks at at Stix.

Saturday I helped finishing the basement insulation, watched the Rebels win a big game, Marianna worked her fingers off sewing and cooking and cleaning and it was like Domesticity! The Musical all over here. She made a fantastic pair of shoes for Arabelle, the newest Moffit in CT.

On Sunday I got up at the crack of dawn to help set church up. Then we drove to Connecticut for the afternoon to see John and Stephanie and their little one, Arabelle (who is about a quarter past precious) and talk and eat and drink and soak up their view of a lake, in the country (near the Nathan Hale homestead, as a matter of fact - even though these guys aren't spies), as the last leaves give up their green and start thinking about selling out to gold.


We're Social.

There's a movie being filmed right down the block form us this evening. At one of our favorite watering holes, called the Thirsty Scholar (and right now, at some house across the street).

It's called, for now, The Social Network (admittedly a weak name) and it has Justin Timberlake in it. Although, he's all in LA right now, and there are just a bunch of nobodies filming and a bunch of nobodies watching a bunch of nobodies being filmed.

Which is pretty fun to do.

We just walked down and snapped a few pics during halftime of the UNC/FSU game.

And there is far less hubbub than when Tom and Huck filmed the next town over from me in middle school. I actually think they made it an entire state holiday for the months they were there. Some kid who lived a few blocks over from me was Jonathan Taylor Thomas' body double.

I'm still jealous to this day.


Not even Halloween.

And we've gotten our first real snowfall of the year.

It was all over me on my walk home from the NYC>Boston bus.

I'm bummed that Marianna isn't here to sing her snow song.

I have a feeling we'll have plenty more where that came from.



Party like it's 1999.

And by party I mean trade.

Dow is on the up and passes 10,000. Like it did when I left high school.

I don't know what that means, other than then fact that I think it's encouraging.

And if you want to see what my portfolio is made up of, there you go.


In which everything is illuminated.

It's that time when New England blazes oranges, yellows, reds.

That time in which we all desire to feel the frost, for it's been months since we have.

In which the thwat thwat thwat of leaves under bike tires is song in itself.

In which you want to suck the life from friendships while you still can, while you are all still alive, before you retreat under blankets and they closer to their fireplaces.

That time in which everything is illuminated.

A little direction for the pictures above. I helped set up church on Sunday, meaning I was out of bed before the sun rose. We picked apples with Pete and Vanessa out east of the city, in Harvard, MA. And the last of the vegetables are getting pulled from the garden.

Also, Marianna got her braces off last week. She's now more beautiful than ever before.


It ain't Opryland.

Q: What do a group of four grown ass men, who are quite close to thirty, and have known each other over half their lives, do when they have a weekend to get together in the South - free of babies, time constraints and jobs?

A: Eat, drink, football, fraternize, Sportscenter. All in copious amounts.