From Dixie with Love.

Our plane was supposed to depart Manchester, NH, at 5:30 in the morning. Which would have meant that we’d have to of gotten up at the crack of night and drive an hour north and board. But, something happened (which was a merger between Delta and Northwest) and our flight was pushed back six hours. So, I called, and the person I talked to must’ve been in the best mood in the world, because our flight was fixed. And by fixed, I mean we flew out of Boston, and the price stayed cheap, and we made it there and back safely and on time and that’s the way to travel.

We landed in Huntsville and drove three hours to Oxford, MS, for the weekend. The trip was perfected (as was my life) as we stopped by one of my clients, Whitt’s barbecue, and were able to admire my design work as we admired their barbecue work.

We had dinner at Taylor Grocery, a legendary old general store 10 miles out in the country that is known far and wide as the best catfish in the country. The owner of my company, who is a big foodie and has eaten all over the world, has it listed on his favorite places list. I don’t know how he found it, but I think the food calls to those who listen.

The rest of the weekend was spent running into friends, catching up with our hosts, the Morrisons, and watching the Ole Miss Rebels embarrass the LSU tigers on national television. The weather couldn’t have been better and the score could have, but it all worked out in the end. And, to boot, it was the first time since I’ve been affiliated with Mississippi that we’ve beat LSU at home. Oh, and thanks to my wife, I’ve got the hottest sweater Ole Miss has seen since Johnny Vaught was coaching. Hotty Toddy.

Friday, 6pm

Saturday, 10am

We then drove back to Alabama for Monday through a 5:30am flight on Friday morning. Alabama was spent eating multiple Thanksgiving dinners, seeing the Whitts and Henleys and Blair and James, drinking wine, eating in Lynchberg, TN, and going to Jack Daniels (which was without electricity, so we didn't get to see the good stuff; mainly just the outside of buildings), visiting the Space and Rocket Center (which has bits that haven’t changed since the early 90s), seeing the farm, not watching television (which in itself is super strange, but my mom doesn’t have one), seeing all my brothers (for about the third time in ten years that we’ve all been together), listening to people talk about the Iron Bowl, and just enjoying being home for a little bit.

There are a lot of things I’m thankful for. And I got to spend a good week time visiting, watching and eating them.



My wife is the best.

I've been wanting a 1940s varsity sweater for a few months now. I've been envisioning myself starting a new trend amongst coeds and alumni of Ole Miss.

While I'm sure it won't go that far, thanks to my wife taking three hours out of her Tuesday night, I've got a sneak preview of my sweater for the LSU game.

Go to Hell LSU Go to Hell!


Certainly not muted.

Saw Mutemath last night.

They filled every cubic inch of the House of Blues with sound last night.

I'm a bit jaded when it comes to music in bigger venues nowadays, but it was pretty spectacular.

Images from this guy. Who takes some pretty great ones, by the way.



Was looking at our buddy Chris', who move to Dubai for a year, flickr images. Just to vicariously catch up.

In there were these pictures from back at our corn dog party. When our apartment was still crazy in the back.

I like what all is going on with em.



"Good Morning Baltimore, dum dum" - all I used to be able to think of when I heard 'Baltimore' is the opening song in Hairspray (a musical). Which is pretty sad. But now I have some new things to think about.
A few weekends ago, Micah and I found some super-cheap (maybe $110 round trip for both of us, total) tickets to Baltimore. Which was pretty awesome seeing how Kerry and Jason Graves and Lee and Mary Chaney Spencer all live there.

I was excited to see Kerry since I hadn't seen her since the wedding and I hadn't seen their house. They grabbed us from the airport on Friday night and we headed out for sushi / Japanese food. After a good dinner, we headed to their house. It's a row house (as most are in Baltimore). It's really great though because it's one of the wider ones (13ft across?) and the downstairs is pretty open which is nicer than most. I really liked it. It had a lot of character with brick walls and a neat staircase.

Saturday we went wandering in Fells Point, popped in and out of some shops and grabbed a yummy lunch at a sandwich place. We walked along the harbor and headed back to the house to catch a college football game in the afternoon.

That evening, we grabbed dinner nearby and then met up with some of Kerry and Jason's friends at a bar in the area for a few drinks. We then headed over to another bar to say hello to Lee and Mary Chaney. The evening ended with a trip to a karaoke bar which turned out to be lame-o since they had stopped taking sign-ups and everyone missed out on Micah's amazing rapping ability (not kidding - you know what I'm talking about for those who have seen him in action).

Sunday we slept in a little bit and headed to brunch on a gorgeous sunny, warm day. The four of us met Lee and Mary Chaney (and their dog, Albert) at the Speakeasy. We even got to sit outside and enjoy the warm sunshine. We made a quick stop by the Spencer's house to see their in-progress renovations - a big project!

We spent a relaxing afternoon watching a Ravens game at the Graves' house. After that was over, Kerry drove us by a large park and up to a pagoda on top. It was closed, but we still got to admire the view of the city around us. Then we drove over to the Avenue and browsed through some shops along the street before heading back to the house to grab our stuff to head to the airport.

Short, but sweet trip. Not bad for a weekender.


Concerning Dixie:

Dr. Jones-

I am a southern transplant to New England, and an alumnus of the University of Mississippi.

I’ve never sang one word of Dixie but know the words to the fight song by heart. I didn’t join a frat and never wore a tie to a game. I painted up and cheered my heart out.

I have mixed feelings about being from the South, but I, like Faulkner, accept my past – and embrace it cautiously.

As such, I get plenty of special attention by those around me who know I went to a southern school. Last week, I was barraged with emails and a link to the story of the administration trying to get the song Dixie amended.

This seems like a misguided attempt to me.

The students cheering this un-official ending to the song makes them looks like fools to the rest of the nation, but that’s no reason to do away with the song.

Are there other plans to change the quieter parts of the National Anthem due to an inebriated soul yelling “Go to Hell, LSU!” ? Or perhaps remove it altogether?

I understand you are trying to put a good foot forward to the nation with this attempt.

But what the University fails to recognize is that the rest of the nation doesn’t really care about most of the goings on in that sleepy Southern town. Nor about their mascot. Nor their songs.

I’d prefer Ole Miss make headlines for something that matters – Obama On Campus For Debates – as opposed to something that doesn’t – New Chancellor Attempting to Validate His Authority.

Good day-

Micah Whitson
The University of Mississippi
Class of ‘03



We're now into November and the last bits of summer are certainly leaving us.

It's all yellow.

Bought a basket for my bike and then tried it out by riding around Cambridge with my camera in tow.

Went to a couple of Halloween parties dressed as Max from Where The Wild Things are. Caroline made my costume and it was a huge hit. It looked great.

Marianna was out of town and that made everything more lonely. And I think that emotion is all over WTWTA.