Few things happened this weekend other than some decoration with some amazing new prints we fond on major sale by Sebastian Fernando Boher. They fill out the one bit of space we have left in our living room.

And m|sane industries decided this was going to be a good year so they went ahead and got a new mothership and transferred all the magic from one to another. Over the course of two very long, cold days.

Tonight, it's Avatar 3D IMAX, cause we hear if you are ever going to see it, it's with some extra crazy glasses on your face.



We spent the long weekend eating, drinking, deserting and Olympicing.

Dinner Friday night at Hamersley's Bistro. With that dinner in the books, we've now eaten at 14 of the top 50 Restaurants in Boston. At least, the top 50 in Boston magazine from last year. I know at least one of those are closed now thanks to the economy.

Marianna baked a cake on Saturday and the strawberries looked like hearts or maybe Vs and it's probably the best cake I've ever had.

Sunday we hooked up with some friends (Pete, Charlotte, Katerine) and had some drinks and watched the sun go down on another Sunday.


Skating in the Square

There's a little ice skating rink hidden amongst the towering bio-tech companies in the Kendall Square area of Cambridge.

A few weeks ago we found a deal online for the rink, and we took advantage of it today. It was a sunny, not-too-cold day here, so it was great. Especially nice in the half of the rink in the sun, less-so in the shaded area.

It's always a little shaky at first skate. But it comes back. It wasn't that crowded which was nice, and there were a ton of cute kids, gripping the rink's bar for dear life.

An especially cute pair of twins came in at the same time we did. The boys had never ice skated before, but were super-excited about trying. Their aunt(?) took turns taking them out on the ice in their orange jackets and hockey skates. Only around 5 years old, they were not very coordinated, but they had so much fun and cheered each other on. Very cute.

Micah and I on the other hand were pretty coordinated after a few loops around the rink. Micah was rockin' the hockey skates and showed off some rollerblade-learned moves. I thought back to my several birthday parties at the Ice House and channeled my younger, more coordinated self. Did a few spin moves and managed to stay on my feet the whole time.
Fun stuff.
spin move!


What the heck.

First, Scott Brown.

Second, schools are canceled, non-essential state workers are sent home, millions of dollars are tucked into the cabins of snow plow trucks, and weathermen (and ladies) lie to us.

Here's what we've got to show for our predicted 10-15".

What is going on Massachusetts? I'm really started to question your commitment to being a cold,
liberal state.


Thar she blows.

A monster Nor'easter is headed up to this part of New England.

Battening down the hatches.



Scotch on the docks.

I end up places sometimes, unawares as to possibly how I got invited, or on the list, or found out about it in the first place. The places I end up aren't like FightClub, or like Skull&Bones, but more like watching beans get ground up in a chocolate factory or in the case of Friday night, out past Fort Point Channel, on the old wharves, blending my own Scotch.

I arrived late, waited in line in the bottom of a warehouse space, while an industrial elevator carted folks, a dozen at a time, to an unknown floor.

Pete and I managed to get on one of the last shuttles, whisked into a room to have a Dewars on the rocks, as we stood dangerously close to a sculpture that was made of rusted ground of razor blades, hanging from strings in the ceiling, swinging closer, closer, probably called Tetanus: A Visceral Response as we sipped our drinks with a lot of others who were ready to get Friday night started.

We then were taken into a room and given a lecture and more drinks and test tubes and were able to make our own blends of whiskey (mine too smokey, Pete's too flowery), a sort of Easy Bake Oven tutorial for adults who drink, then given two free whiskey glasses and sent out into the far too cold to not be snowing night.

We had another drink at Drink and caught a taxi at Taxi Stand and at 3am, when I woke up, I could still taste the oak on my tongue but couldn't remember how I'd ended up there in the first place.


The President's Shoes.

"Beneath every great President there is a great designer."
- Micah Whitson, 2009

I had the opportunity to design the shoes for our President. Not the shoes per say, but the trade dress for them: the markings on the insole and the out sole. Johnston & Murphy is one of our clients and they have been making shoes for the Commander in Chief for the past hundred and fifty odd years. And since I'm the designer for J&M, I'm the defacto designer for the Obama kicks.

Since they are J&M, and handmade, you can be assured that Barack is walking on clouds most days, even when he isn't.

Below you can see some of my explorations.

The one logo with the '44' and the stars around it appears on the out sole of the shoe, on the bottom, but nobody got any images of that. Oh well.