Fifty Year Flood.

The rains have stopped. For now.

We've gotten two fifty year floods over the last three weeks.


On to spring.


Picture from the archives.

August 8th, 2007
Downtown Boston


Sippin on some syrup.

When the trees get below freezing at night and above freezing at day and they are maple and they are in New Hampshire they start to bleed sugar and man, at some point, found to take that and set it on fire and distill it in the back woods down dirt roads and bring the neighbors over and put it on pancakes and he called it maple syrup.

And man was duely blessed.

Kyle from Chicago was in this weekend. We had dinner with he and his friends Jen (of Beantown Baker fame) and Carlos at Pigalle, and then on Saturday drove up to Weare, NH, to the Grant Family Pond Maple Syrup House and watched the nectar being made.

We then celebrated Kyle's birthday, which was late, and his Butler Bulldogs, which was on time, as they advanced to the Final Four.

And then we ate more food with more syrup on it and we laughed and had a good old time.

And we were duely blessed.


So long, winter of 10.

We went up to Loon two weekends ago for the last skiing of the year.

Look at the mountains on the horizon. They just look a little sad.


Go Irish!

I'm used to cheering for the Tar Heels. But this time I cheered for the Irish. Because Ansley, my 'cousin' (read: dad's best friend's daughter), plays on the Notre Dame women's lacrosse team. And they were in town playing against BU. Uncle Craig even drove up for the game, all the way from Alexandria, VA with a stop-over in Rhode Island. It was great to see him.

It was a beautiful spring day. The first spring day, really. It was sunny with a little breeze and about 70 degrees. A perfect day to spend outside watching a great lacrosse game. Notre Dame dominated for a while, but then BU pulled it together. They even pulled away during the second half of the game. But the Irish fought back and tied it. So it went into overtime. And overtime again. Which means sudden-death - whoever scores first wins. And luckily it was the Irish. Very exciting, very intense. With a great outcome. Ansley played really well with several shots on goal and some great midfield transition help.

We were able to catch up with Ansley, albeit briefly, at the post-game tailgate which is apparently tradition. They do it up right with a whole feast of food. We decided we'll have to make it to South Bend for a football game this year before she graduates. Should be fun!


Multiple choice.

On the way to dinner last night at Za, which has moved around the corner from my office, did I run into:

a) A van corral
b) A soon to be botched FBI stake out
c) The largest collection of subpar logos on the planet
d) An air conditioner disaster, one the likes of we may never see again
e) A hidden camera comedy show
f) None of the above



My little brother's name is Taz. That's it. But a lot of people ask him if it is short for anything. If I were him, I'd say it is the shortened for of Razz-a-ma-Taz.

I digress.

We went to my (our?) new favorite neighborhood dive bar last night called Razzy's, and met up with a couple of guys I work with, Jack and Mark, who live around the corner. We went for the trivia, allegedly, but I know I was there for the $8 pitchers of Molsen, the complementary popcorn, the drop ceiling tiles, the spraypainted ceilings in the back, the warmth of sitting in a bar that you could picture in a basement.

We lost at trivia, but I still count it a big W in the Best Way To Spend A Tuesday Night category.

And while we lost, we actually tied the team of Second World and Quarter Productions. So we've got that going for us.


Gymnastics...brought to us by Tyson.

Two weekends ago, we scored last-minute tickets to a the Tyson American Cup, a gymnastics event. Random, I know. But at about 5:14 on Friday, I got an email offering free tickets to the event (from out client Tyson) and figured, why not?

We got up on Saturday and headed to Worcester, about 45 minutes away. We found the place and joined the throngs of moms and tweens and teensy tumblers making their way into the building. Micah had never been to a gymnastics meet before, but I figured I could show him the ropes, since I've been in my fair share. We first stopped by the VIP lounge that offered a breakfast buffet which we passed up since we had just eaten. We then headed to our seats, um 6 rows back. We sat next to one of the creative directors at Arnold and his kids. He was a little surprised to see us there until I explained that I'd done gymnastics until college.
The event had both men's and women's gymnastics. I didn't recognize any of the competitors really, but Nastia Liukin - the '08 Olympic Gold medalist - was there (not competing). It was fun to see the US competitors and actually be in the stands for once. It was pretty fun explaining what everything was to Micah, what was happening and why stuff was done a certain way. We also took the opportunity to try to get some great photos. Which was a little hard without much of a zoom lens.

Then we headed over to one of the landmark diners of Worcester. The Boulevard diner is on the National Registry of Historic Places. And they make monster sandwiches. Look at the fork or the sunglasses for scale of that carb heart attack.