Should we be thankful.

You can expect to find one of these in your mailbox.

Or perhaps should we want to just say hi.

But I'm not ruining the surprise, as what is inside is what you won't know until you receive one.

I might've gone a bit nuts on getting 20 boxes of them, but they were 85% off and the only letter they had was an M. Or a W.

It's right either way.

Golf buddies.

I was at a stop light the other day and was out of my neighborhood but felt at home, inexplicably, and then, just then, realized that I was behind the car I'd sold off a year ago.

Small world.


Shimmering + Shining.

We volunteered again on Saturday to clean up the Charles River for Earth Day (Observed).

We personally pulled out an entire bag or recyclables, a bag of rubbish and a tire. All within an hour. It's amazing how much crap is in our rivers, especially those that look pretty good on first glance.

We then met Pete (who was about to fly to Bali) at the Friendly Toast, where I got a free Ole Miss (chiptole chedder toast! topped with sweet potatoes!! topped with sausage!!! topped with eggs!!!! topped with sauce!!!!! nestled beside more potatoes that aren't sweet!!!!!!).

Then we laid around in the yard and looked at the bloomings and just enjoyed those glorious few afternoon hours that we experience on perfect spring days here in New England.


Picture from the archives.

September 29, 2006
Oxford, MS


Lexington Green.

April 19, 1775. 3:32am
British troops leave Boston. March towards Lexington.

April 19, 2010. 3:36am
Micah dreams of a walrus.

April 19, 1775. 5:45am
British troops are within a half mile of the Lexington Green.

April 19, 2010. 5:54am
Micah can't, can't find parking. Thinks the Revolutionary War would have been much different had the Brits been looking for parking instead of rabble rousing.

April 19, 1775. 6:02am
A hawk cuts the silence.

April 19, 2010. 6:02am
Some kid on a ladder, who is blocking my view, and his thirteen brothers and sisters, all on their own ladders, are Chatty Kathys and cut the silence.

April 19, 1775. 6:04am
Shots ring out. Minutemen fall. Ebenezer Locke shivers.

April 19, 2010. 6:04am
Shots ring out. Minutemen fall. Micah shivers.

April 19, 1775. 6:23am
The skirmish is over for now. Minutemen are set back. British move on to Concord.

April 19, 2010. 6:25am
The battle through the crowd has begun. Micah think about coming earlier next year. Maybe 3am would be a better time to show up and assure a decent view.

April 19, 1775. 6:54am
No record available.

April 19, 2010. 6:25am
Micah drinks coffee and looks out at the trees blooming in the back yard. Thinks there's no better day for a reenactment, a Sox game, a marathon.


They don't call it a Marathon for nothing.

Yowza. It's been an expensive yet amazing weekend. And we still get another day off tomorrow.

Thursday night we met up with the newly married Greenhaws for dinner at the Border Cafe and drinks at Trina's Starlight Lounge.

Friday night we met up with the Humphries, formerly of Boston and now back in Oklahoma, who were in town for a conference. We've not seen them since August of last year, and we've missed them much. Dinner and drinks was the course.

On Saturday, we met up with Kelly, Pete, Georgia, Kat, Alison, and Kay at the Liberty Hotel. Later on we were joined by Russell Brand, Jonah Hill who were in town promoting a movie, and a thousand Harvard graduates who were having prom there. Drinks.

And today I was able to grab one more quick meal with the Greenhaws before they headed back to Florida after their honeymoon.

Now on to sleeping.


Picture from the archives.

April 25, 2009.
Lincoln, MA


A Toast.

You all look great don't you?

Well, I don't want to take up too much of you all's time. I'd rather be eating more of that flank steak. Let's give it up to the flank steak. Enough about that, let's talk about Shelly's brownies. Oh. My. Gosh.

But seriously folks.

What a day. You can't ask for better weather in Atlanta. Or for a prettier couple. And Nathan. That man has some pipes. Not that Zach doesn't, but I can see why they were roommates. They can at least sing for rent money if nothing else.


So I can remember sitting the first pew at church with Zach, trying to draw cartoons. I struggled. He excelled. Neither of us paid attention to the sermon.

I remember going to his house and jumping off the trampoline, trying to dunk a basketball. Zach looked so cool flying through the air in his legitimate Nikes or Reebok Pumps. I looked like a poseur in my cheap shoes. Before I clanked it off the back.

Or second grade. Right after watching the NKOTB (whateverhappenedtothem?) movie in class. We were going to a party at my house. And we both jumped, in tandem, off the porch, spun around 180 degrees, and screamed 'HANGING TOUGH.'


You were always so good at whatever you tried. You could outdraw me (I bought the same art desk you did from
Bargain Jungle thinking I'd inherit some of your skills). You could outplay me (Best trumpeter I've heard). You could out look me (I was so jealous of your sideburns, up until I was 25).


And then You became a husband, and a dad, and your wife left and you gained weight and your own dad died and you were 28 and had an 8 year old and a twice broken heart.

(Quiet. Uncomfortable shifting in chairs.)

But you, Zach, you took all of that. And you continued to excel despite. I could totally understand if you got bitter. But you didn't. I don't know that you buried the pain. I think that you just let it go.

You continued to take what life handed you and you were content.

And I know God knows that. He saw that.

And he saw Shelly. And he knew that you both deserved each other.

And today you came in scarred and nervous and she came in scared and nervous and God was watching and had you kiss and now you are one and now you are again complete.

And just as you have since second grade, you continue to make the ladies swoon and the guys jealous and you just smile.

Cause you could be bitter.

But why be bitter when you have the greatest life?

To you, Zach, I love you – one of my very best friends, and you Shelly, one very lucky girl.

I look forward to seeing where life takes you together.

And your children, who are 98% assured to become models.


(Applause. Tears. Flank Steak.)


Picture from the archives. The REAL archives.

Micah's out of town, so I can do this. :)

Look at those curls and bright baby blues

In his dragon polo

I kinda look like a cabbage patch kid

Aw snap...or trying to


Picture from the archives

He is risen

Spring Day
April 19, 2008


Picture from the archives.

February 23, 2009.
Wilmington, NC