Newburyport at its Newest

Memorial Day weekend started with a marvelous surprise - my office decided to close on Friday so we had a 4-day weekend! Hooray!

Friday was spent trying to relax after a bevy of errands. Micah and I had date night at East Coast Grill (see giraffe in last post). Saturday we drove up to Newburyport and met up with my dad, Debbie and William who had flown up. We stayed at a really neat inn - The Garrison Inn.

We unloaded and then headed to lunch with a view of the harbor. We walked around a bit after that and then decided to take a somewhat ill-fated eco-tour on a boat. Ill-fated in that as soon as we got going, the rain started pouring and we all had to huddle to the center of the open-walled ship. It was fun to see things from the river though. After some more wandering we took a break at the hotel before grabbing drinks at Grog and dinner at Agave. The food was great and I hear the margaritas were worth the hour and a half wait.

Sunday we got up and headed to Plum Island, because everyone says you have to go. So we did. And we drove up the north end and then drove down to the south end, sat in a line of cars for about 20 minutes, waiting to get into the nature preserve, and then gave up and turned around. It didn't look like the line was going to move anytime soon. Change of plans, so we decided to take the scenic route down to Rockport. We walked around the shops and wharf area and grabbed lunch. And maybe we also grabbed some tasty ice cream before loading up and heading back to Newburyport.

Micah, William and I walked around "Spring Fest" which consisted of crafty tents and food and a disproportionate number of ladies selling home-made American Girls doll clothing. Random. We wandered and tried to get a drink on an amazing roof deck overlooking the river, but the restaurant didn't have a liquor license. Seriously people, who has an amazing roof deck but can't serve beers on it? Instead we settled for sitting along the docks and watching the tide, I mean boats, roll away. For dinner that night we headed back to Plum Island to the Plum Island Grill which was a recommend and was pretty tasty. A little nicer than we were expecting, but the food was really great.

Monday was spent driving back, grocery shopping, grilling out and finally...relaxing.


A giraffe in my Ricky!

Date night at the East Coast Grill.

This message punted into outerspace via my computer phone.


The squeamish need not scroll down.

Blogston Mass has gotten decidedly more PG-13.

It was my idea to take the picture and post it big. Marianna was a little weirded out. So if you get sick to your stomachs, blame me.



Marianna was cutting bread this evening for a minute before she started cutting her finger.

That resulted in a lot of blood, two hearts stopping, a 5 block walk to the emergency room, six stitches.

It also, later, resulted in ice cream being eaten in a splinted hand.

Away form us, knife demons!


Pete & Repeat

I, Micah, drove last night up to Portland, Maine, to see Pete Miller play some guitar.

We'd gone up this time last year to see him. And what a difference a year makes.

He'd just started playing with a band a few weeks before his last show we saw. But this year it was old hat. As a matter of fact, I'd gone up because he was releasing an entire album with a band.

Good stuff. You should check him out.


Top of the 4th

And all is well.

Despite the rain and the nail-biting ending, we were able to catch up with our long lost buddy Chris, who is living in Dubai, and our friend Jess, who is living in Pennsylvania. Awesome times.

Live blog test, test.


You've changed.

At first I was all:

But then I was all:

The traveling roadshow that is Micah's career is packing up the covered wagons and moving Monday from Toth to SapientNitro.

Maybe this means the economy is turning around? Or maybe it means I just can't stand working more than one block from my honey.

For Sapient is right next door to Arnold.


Goodbyes and hellos.

Our good buddy and upstairs neighbor, Pete, is moving to San Francisco. So we wished him a goodbye for a 12th time on Friday night and played Rummikub and he had to stay with us cause the movers packed up and shipped his bed and we are really going to miss him.

But on Saturday morning, at 8am, after we'd risen too early and driven to Maine and had breakfast (not even brunch, it was that early) we learned that our friend Kay, who'd moved to Maine 9 months ago, is coming back to town.

One out. One in. We're still around.



We spent the weekend in South Carolina for Will's graduation from Furman. Now all the children on my wife's side are out of school, on to LA and living in Boston and NYC.

I'd say it's a group of well educated, good looking folks.

And we got to catch up with one of my old roomies, Jonas, and meet up with his squeeze, Dana.

Perfect weather. Perfect weekend.



Last fall, I planted a bunch of bulbs. A bunch. I envisioned a field of yellow daffodils along the back fence of the house. Followed by a smattering of and hosta and tulips and allium later in the season.

For whatever reason, the daffodils did a great job at coming up from their little bulbs...but not so great a job at budding and blooming. Until this week. While everyone else's daffodils have bloomed and died, mine are just getting started. Which was annoying then but is now kind of nice. No word from the tulips, but the allium is a head of schedule and the azaleas are in full bloom.

Some more photos if you please...


Water water everywhere.

Ourselves and 2.2 million other Massachusetts residents have to boil all our water for a minute before we can drink it.

A lot of work is going into each thought of a sip of water, as some collar blew off a pipe and we lost the main flow coming into the city and the backups aren't safe to drink without boiling.

I'm all for backups, for sure, but maybe we can make them potable next time?

In other news, we got a lot of sunburn yesterday, as we took an old desk of my grandfater's, cut off the legs, sanded it for hours, and came away with a rather handsome looking coffee table.

Pictures will come at some point for that guy.