On my 30th birthday, a little shindig went down at one of the best restaurants in town. One in the top 3 to be exact. One my good friend manages. So, courtesy of Kearly, we celebrated in a fun, but low-key way.

The 6 of us - Kelly, Kay, Kristin, Tony (minus his wife who had to work), Micah and me - gathered by one of the giant windows overlooking Boylston St and enjoyed cocktails, wine and beers.

Then came an array of small plates that were amazing. I particularly loved the Lobster BLT sandwich bites. The chef also sent out an entree of Squab (poultry if you didn't know). He sent it complete with legs and feet, which is not the usual format, but left on especially for Kelly and our enjoyment.

The evening was capped by surprise chocolate cake. The pastry chef said that it might have been her best chocolate cake creation. It was sooooo tasty. We only went home with 2 extra slices, so I am hoping that they served it out to some other tables. Very yummy though!

It was a great evening with friends. Great to catch up with people - some of whom are very allusive these days, and one who will be leaving town shortly. Great way to ring in 30.


Warm it up, Kris.

What good is a home if there isn't laughter to fill the walls, or love to warm the chill, or Blue Ribbon Barbecue to feed the mouths (and souls)?

I'd say no good at all.

Which is why we scrambled to get the place ready to have a house warming 7 days after we arrived in Arlington. Deadlines like those, I feel, are the things that really get you moving.

Special thanks to all the kids who came out to the country to make it happen.


Was. Is now.

We moved a week ago from our place in Inman Square to a new place out a town West in Arlington. Totally different experience: welcome yards, families, no bars.

You'll see our experience played out on here, but up first, our home.

Two weeks ago it looked like this:

Then after one week, 18 friends who helped volunteer to paint and eat pizza and drink beer and move our furniture (and two movers who didn't volunteer, but were paid), and a little under $400 in paint and some tired nights, it now looks like this:


Almost together again.

Hi friends.

One day after the longest day of the year and we're about unpacked and ready for the summer. Which it has certainly felt like. It's been in the mid 80s and muggy here. Thank goodness we just worked ourselves into a place with central air.

A few more pictures to hold you over – and then, then we dance.


Radio silence.

We're about to go gray for a bit. Movers come within a week.

See you out in Arlington.


Guess what's coming: Post 3.

We're packing, getting ready for our move next week. So we're not producing much content nowadays.

But we do have a little something in the works.


Guess what's coming: Post 2.

You might recognize that handsome devil in the video from such films as this or this.