Cum Laude.

Walk into the frame store. Pick out mattes for our diplomas.

It's the first Saturday of the college football season. We are wearing our respective school colors.

Get a bit skiddish about the cost of one of the mattes. Downgrade to something more manageable.

Clearly, the man thinks we're young (because we look smashing) and poor (clear from buying IKEA frames and buying designer mattes).

"Congratulations on your graduations. That's exciting."

"Thank you. But we didn't just graduate. It took us eight years to hang them."

Hark the sound of Tar Heel voices
Ringing clear and True
Singing Carolina's praises
Shouting N.C.U.

Hail to the brightest Star of all
Clear its radiance shine
Carolina priceless gem,
Receive all praises thine.

I'm a Tar Heel born I'm a Tar Heel bred
And when I die I'm a Tar Heel dead.
So it's RAH, RAH, Car'lina 'lina
RAH, RAH, Car'lina 'lina
RAH, RAH, Car'lina

Way down south in Mississippi
There's a spot that ever calls
Where amongst the hills enfolded
Stand old Alma Mater's Halls

Where the trees lift high their branches
To the whispering Southern breeze
There Ole Miss is calling, calling
To our hearts fond memories.



Ole Miss - cover story on New York Times online today.

Give it a look.


This time tomorrow.

We'll be settling in for a quick 48 hours of North Carolina.

Starting with the UNC/GT game. Followed by yet to be determined fun-ness.




This weekend, we headed out to Western Mass to the little towns of Lenox and Lee. The reason for this excursion was originally (as in last spring) to compete in a no-swim triathlon. I was gung-ho about entering it when our friends, Andi and Tony, brought it up. They'd done it the year before and had a blast. You (can) run the race as a team of up to 4 people, so nobody has to do the whole thing unless they want to. Andi and Tony were going to be a team and me and Micah were going to be a team - both paddling in a two-person kayak (5mi), me biking (27mi) and Micah running (10mi). Alas, it was not to be. I hurt my knee and it fell off the radar over the summer.

But, we still wanted to go out there and hang out with our friends. So when we had to reserve cabin space for the weekend...we were "in". We drove the 2+ hours out there on Saturday, had lunch in Lenox, caught a bit of their Sept 11th parade (lots of horse carriages), and then hiked for a couple of hours. After that we settled in at camp, and I do mean camp. We were staying in a cabin at a boy's sports camp (think, The Parent Trap). Dinner was between 5 and 8 at the mess hall - spaghetti, garlic bread and salad.

After dinner, Micah was determined to catch some football, so me and Tony went with him into town. Andi and Deb stayed behind to hit the sack early after roasting some marshmallows around the campfire. While they sat beside the lake in the glow of the fire, we sat at a bar (the Locker Room) in the glow of televisions. We were primarily there to watch the Alabama / Penn State game, but there were a ton of other events on. Turns out, our hearts broke for Penn as they got wholloped by the tide. En route home, we seriously annoyed two high school guys when we got late-night ice cream, 5 minutes before the shop closed.

The next morning, after a not-so-restful (me) night, we headed back to the dining hall for breakfast - french toast sticks (cue flashback to my camp days), hashbrowns, frozen waffles etc. We sat outside in the amphitheater facing the lake, enjoying the beautiful, albeit cloudy, morning before the racers had to pack up and head out. Andi was up first for biking, Tony next for kayaking and then finally Deb with running. We wished them luck and waved them off and then packed up ourselves. We spent some time driving through the countryside (giant beaver alert!) before hitting the outlet mall on the way back to Boston.

All-in-all a beautiful weekend. We'll be racing next year if I have anything to do with it.


We may not win every game, but we've never lost a mascot.

New ESPN spot. Featuring your Ole Miss Rebels. Extended version:


Embarrased -or- Full of Chicken

Well, sometimes that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Ole Miss played JSU yesterday and had their first loss in the program's history to a Bowl Subdivision school. It was a sad defeat. Nutt said it was his worst game as a coach. Masoli must be rethinking his decision to come to Ole Miss. It was a 2OT defeat and, surprisingly, only the 12th overtime Ole Miss has ever played. Bright side: it's always good to be the benefactor who allows a school to have their biggest win in school history.

Of course, the best way to nurse that wound is to invite a dozen or so friends over to eat Chick-Fil-A and watch the UNC/LSU game. Which, despite a bangarang ending, UNC lost. But, to be honest, the LSU fans in attendance were quite civil in their treatment of the Ole Miss news.

So, takeaway from the weekend: there is a Chick-Fil-A 5 miles form us, which makes us 1-3 on the weekend.

Gosh, despite the heartache, I still love fall.