Akron's finest.

Hi friends.

We spent the past weekend in Akron, OH, for our dear friend Jonas' wedding. It was Marianna's first trip to Ohio (maybe last?) and Jonas' first trip down the isle (certainly the last).

He married a super sweet gal from Akron, so the wedding was a mixing of cultures and a mashing of people from all points of their life. We knew Jonas during the Durham point of his life. We knew Dana from the Greensville portion of his life. And we were just pleased as punch to share in the Columbus portion of their lives by seeing old friends, drinking moonshine, and dancing the night away.

Also, while on the road, we got a huge blog mention for Old Try. So, we fielded a boatload of emails and took some orders and found while in Ohio that this crazy idea just might work.


a shower

A few Saturdays ago, I hosted my first baby shower. It was for a friend from church. I was really excited about putting it all together, but a little overwhelmed since I'd never thrown a baby shower or been to one in the last decade. But, with some help from the other hostesses, we made it happen.

Kristin doesn't know if she's having a boy or a girl, so we went with a green-blue-yellow color scheme. I found some really cute ideas on Pinterest and decided to use old-school pinwheels as decoration with some pom-poms and bunting thrown in for good measure. So Karen and I got together one evening to put together 20 pinwheels to line the walkway and planned out the rest of the decorations. Karen would do the bunting and I'd tackle the as-yet-to-be-determined-how-to-make mini-pinwheel cupcake toppers.

We opted not to play any traditional (sometimes crazy, borderline weird) shower games. Instead, I made mustache and bow pins for all the guests to wear at the party - to show whether they thought it was going to be a boy or a girl. The majority, including the mom-to-be, think it'll be a boy - I think it was 7 to 4. We'll see in about a month!
Girls v/s Boys!

We had tons of tasty food and drinks - potato salad, pasta salad, fruit salsa, veggies, chicken salad croissants, mimosas, lemonade, and cupcakes, of course!

She opened some fun and useful presents, and we all talked about how much baby products have changed from when we were kids. There were actually only two moms there that day, but they gave a lot of advice and a few warnings.

The last thing we did was write notes to the baby. We all drew an envelope with a birthday on it (1-16) and wrote a note to the child for that birthday year. It was a great idea, although some of the ages are a little difficult to write to. Hopefully, it'll be something special for Kristin and her child to open each year.


There's something I have to tell you: I'm seeing another blog

Hi friends.

We are sorry if this blog has suffered because we are cheating on it with another blog.

We're really trying to get Old Try up and established, and we're building out that blog while this one has a cold wind whipping through it at times.

The good news is that you can start reading the Old Blog as well. What's not to like about that?


Finally to an Island.

It has been four years and the one thing we haven't done is make it to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Well, we wrapped one of those yesterday.

We scored first class ferry tickets from a daily deal site, and so we caught an early morning ferry out across the 30 miles of open seas that live between the mainland and rich.

We arrive in Nantucket after Marianna says we need to live there, and four minutes after arriving on land I 100% agree. Nantucket has the largest collection of home built before the Civil War and every square inch of every single parcel of land is absolutely amazing. It also hass the highest land value of any zip code in MA. No surprise there.

We spend the day looking for a perfect whale shirt (which we don't find), Nantucket reds (which we do find, and I grab a cooking apron from Murray's Toggery), avoiding squalls (a storm something fierce popped up, so we stayed an hour in the Whaling museum learning about the history of the profession), and eating great, albeit criminally expensive food ($12 for two small ice creams, $34 for brunch, $First Child for Dinner).

We caught the last ferry of the night back, for a crossing in the fog. And back to a temperature of 84° at midnight. And I dreamt of the next time we can so back. Maybe to spend the night. Or hunt whales.