Texas. Day 7 & 8.

Sunday night we drove out to the world famous Salt Lick in Driftwood. The place is awesome and the atmosphere is top notch. BYOB, music, picnic tables, warm spring air. But, honestly, for my money, the ribs at Stubbs in Austin beat it in taste.

Now we are back on the road. Well, actually, off the road in our hotel in San Angelo.

I'm taking over this state one barbecue joint at a time.


Meanwhile...Back in Boston

It was cold. It snowed. And I spent most of my free time doing pre-season lacrosse work. Lots of scheduling for the Mass Bay league - which is so painful as described here by another scheduler. A conference call. Some logo design work. And a lot of ribbon making. Which I do every year. But not normally for 4 teams worth of kids - 70 ribbons to be exact. I have it down to a science.

This morning I was greeted with a surprise 5 inches of snow. We were supposed to get 1-inch-ish. Not so. With Micah being out of town, our shoveling fell to me. There was a lot of heavy snow to shovel in order to get the car out for church this morning. I took care of the sidewalk when I got home. And it seemed like a waste since it's supposed to rain tomorrow and be warm this week. Which would have cleaned up things. Alas, it had to be done.


Texas. Day 5 & 6.

Finished our grueling Victory Lap of Texas. 1383 miles in five days. And I made friends with two real cowboys. Now we are back safely in Austin. And this morning I tried to shake the old bones that have been holed up in a car for a week and went for a 5 mile run and a 7 mile walk around Austin. It was foggy earlier and burned off a little later, and now I've got just one more day before the craziness begins again.


Texas. Day 4.

Sunrise leaving Marfa, canyons, the part of Texas that looks gross, dust storms (Red Flag Wind Warnings), and rattlesnake charmers. What's not to like?

Texas. Day 3.

Today we had our shortest travel day of the Victory Lap, from Marathon to Marfa. There isn't anything here, which is why There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men were shot here. That, and Giant, with James Dean. Which was filmed at the hotel we are staying in this evening. I have no cell service and am still quite surprised I can get Wifi. Alas. You might be at the end of the world, but you can still blog that you are falling off it.


Texas. Day 2.

Started this morning in Corpus Christi, then drove ten hours, and now I'm in the Gage Hotel in Marathon, TX at 1:00am, a million miles from nowhere with a million stars in the sky and sleep on my mind. Long day. Night.