On the Fringe.

I miss our old neighborhood at times.

Like today, when I went and saw some amazing things going on in a space just a few blocks from our old place. Things like letterpressing and videography and web design and architecture and all kinds of other things under one roof called the Fringe Movement.

I went to see a guy who I know that makes amazing films called Paper Fortress, and another guy called Repeat Press who I'd been wanting to swing by and see, who makes prints like they did in the 1890s.



A lot of families are hurting tonight.



There is a site called Hovering Art Directors that just came out. It's one of the best TitleAsSubjectBlogs and, in about 3 seconds, it summed up my career of six years.

Best part. This one gem that is on there is dear to me heart: my desk at McKinney is the one in which the guy is sitting. And I think that guy might be Matt, an old friend.

Small, hovering, world.


Back on the hover. Now featuring my old space.

Which looked like this years ago, when I was but a baby creative:



Our upstairs neighbors dance. Like swing dance. And not just at a studio. But in their apartment. Maybe in the grocery store.

And they let us know, via invite, that they were having a surprise 40th party for one of the guys, and that we shouldn't tell Darby, and that there would be barbecue, and dancing and general ruckus/merriment.

Well, those guys are okay, but they ain't no Opryland. And we knew sitting in our living room listening to Count Basie go off and clogs hitting the floor/ceiling wasn't going to work so we became refugees and went to Andi and Tony's house in Jamaica Plain and had a good old fashioned slumber party.

Not too old for that, we aren't, yet.


Folks be turning all 31.

You probably remember the Moffits. You know, the folks who came to visit us back in 08 when they were thinking of moving here. Well, now they are here. And we couldn't be happier.

Last night we went with them and the Powers and had an epic dinner (to celebrate Stephanie turning 31, and it was at Taranta, one of the Boston 50 we are trying to eat through) and multiple bottle of wine and we did it up right. Stayed out of the rain. Shared mussels and stories and laughed and cried and shut the place down. That's what happens when 66% of the folks get a sitter. It's time to get real.

And by the end of the night, I had a portrait drawn by my life insurance guy. So that happened.


Cuttin Rugs.

Finally got a lil something down on the floor in our dining room.

Makes our feet less cold and our room less echoey.


I promise.

We went to Africa and will post soon.

It's just been a crazy few weeks. Oh, and with me deleting the camera, we're a little short on pictures.

So, in the meantime, howabout those Sox?