Finally to an Island.

It has been four years and the one thing we haven't done is make it to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard. Well, we wrapped one of those yesterday.

We scored first class ferry tickets from a daily deal site, and so we caught an early morning ferry out across the 30 miles of open seas that live between the mainland and rich.

We arrive in Nantucket after Marianna says we need to live there, and four minutes after arriving on land I 100% agree. Nantucket has the largest collection of home built before the Civil War and every square inch of every single parcel of land is absolutely amazing. It also hass the highest land value of any zip code in MA. No surprise there.

We spend the day looking for a perfect whale shirt (which we don't find), Nantucket reds (which we do find, and I grab a cooking apron from Murray's Toggery), avoiding squalls (a storm something fierce popped up, so we stayed an hour in the Whaling museum learning about the history of the profession), and eating great, albeit criminally expensive food ($12 for two small ice creams, $34 for brunch, $First Child for Dinner).

We caught the last ferry of the night back, for a crossing in the fog. And back to a temperature of 84° at midnight. And I dreamt of the next time we can so back. Maybe to spend the night. Or hunt whales.

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Anna Kristina said...

Last year Ian's mom took us to Nantucket after her week of eye doctor appointments. We fell in love too, and the beaches there are amazing!