Akron's finest.

Hi friends.

We spent the past weekend in Akron, OH, for our dear friend Jonas' wedding. It was Marianna's first trip to Ohio (maybe last?) and Jonas' first trip down the isle (certainly the last).

He married a super sweet gal from Akron, so the wedding was a mixing of cultures and a mashing of people from all points of their life. We knew Jonas during the Durham point of his life. We knew Dana from the Greensville portion of his life. And we were just pleased as punch to share in the Columbus portion of their lives by seeing old friends, drinking moonshine, and dancing the night away.

Also, while on the road, we got a huge blog mention for Old Try. So, we fielded a boatload of emails and took some orders and found while in Ohio that this crazy idea just might work.

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Dana said...

aw thanks, guys! super sweet of you to come - we loved having you there!!!